Round 7 Top Table Update

September 26th, 2009

It’s Round 7, and with three rounds remaining here in Day 1, it’s a great chance to look at what’s at the top tables! The ‘top tables’ are where the players with the strongest records so far today are playing against each other. So it’s a good indicator of which Duelist and Deck types are successful so far.

Here’s what the Decks at the top 10 tables looks like:

Table 1
Chi Hoi Yim with Lightsworn
Mark Vazquez with Lightsworn

Table 2
Jason Campbell with Destiny Hero Zombies
Peter Cheng with Lightsworn

Table 3
Roy St. Clair with Destiny Hero Zombies
Samuel Jones with Lightsworn

Table 4
Glenn Lightfoot with Lightsworn
Russel LaParre with Gladiator Beasts

Table 5
Robert Ackerman with Lightsworn
Allen Pennington with Gadgets

Table 6
Gerado Torres with Single-Vayu Blackwings
Russel Rothman with Lightsworn

Table 7
Afatah Abdul with Lightsworn
Daniel Brown with Lightsworn Blackwings

Table 8
Patrick Hoban with Single-Vayu DARK Control
Christopher Yarbrough with Lightsworn

Table 9
Jorge Miranda with Lightsworn
Jesse Galolet with Gladiator Beasts

Table 10
Tyler Stechman with Single-Vayu Blackwings
Drake Harmon with Lightsworn


Here’s the breakdown of how many Duelists are playing what:

Lightsworn: 11
Gladiator Beasts: 2
Blackwings: 2
Destiny Hero Zombies: 2
Gadgets: 1
Lightsworn Blackwings: 1
Vayu DARK Control: 1

Lightsworn are clearly the most common Deck at the top tables right now, but the other half of the metagame seems wide open.It’s a safe bet that a lot of Lightsworn Decks are going to make it to Day 2.But what will the rest of the field look like?Right now it’s totally up in the air.