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And That’s the End of Day One!

October 17th, 2009

Day 1 is over, and a field of nearly 500 Duelists has been pared down to a final Top 16! Tomorrow we’ll see 3 Blackwing Vayu Decks, 3 Destiny Hero Zombie Decks, 2 Alchemist / Chaos Decks, 3 Twilight Decks, and 5 Lightsworn Decks go head-to-head, and at the end of the Day we’ll crown one winner. Some of Texas’ best will go up against Duelists from across the country, as we get ready for this event’s final four rounds of action-packed Dueling!


Join us tomorrow at 10 AM, as we kick of Day 2 of SHONEN JUMP Championship Austin!