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Bounty Update! – Round 5

October 17th, 2009

Here’s how the WANTED posters looked for the bounty feature after Round 5:

Bounty 1 – Colby Blomstrom: Colby’s at Table 48 with 3 wins total.
Bounty 2 – Billy Brake: Aww, Billy dropped to go play in Sides. Thanks for playing!
Bounty 3 – Bobby Brake: Bobby is at Table 168 with 1 win.
Bounty 4 – Maurice Brantley: Maurice is currently undefeated. Very large bounty out on Maurice!
Bounty 5 – Fabian Cantu: Fabian is at Table 159 with 1 win.
Bounty 6 – Karteepan Chandrarasakumar: Karteepan is at Table 133 with 2 wins.
Bounty 7 – Herman Herrera:  Herman decided to drop as well, and hit up the Sides.
Bounty 8 – John Richey:  John is at Table 183 with 1 win.
Bounty 9 – Richard Richey: Richard’s at Table 127 with 2 wins.
Bounty 10 – Ryan Spicer:  Ryan is also currently undefeated. I wonder if he’ll get paired against Maurice.

It’s nice to see only 2 drops so far, and most of our Bounty Duelists sticking it out to the end. I’ll bring you a final update during Round 9!

UPDATE: Billy Brake won the ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!!! side event. A bounty and a giant card – exciting day for Billy!