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Round 5 – A Look at the Top Tables

October 17th, 2009

It’s Round 5, so let’s take a look at the matchups at the Top 15 tables to see which Decks are doing the best so far today!

Table 1:
Chris Bowling with Lightsworn Vayu
Martin Sandoval with Lightsworn

Table 2:
Carlos Smith with Blackwings (including Vayu)
Joe Spanier with Zombies

Table 3:
Andrew Fredella with Blackwings (including Vayu)
Chris Bryson with Lightsworn

Table 4:
Rudy Maldonado with Blackwings (including Vayu)
Benjamin Sager with Blackwings (including Vayu)

Table 5:
Chi Hoi Yim with Lightsworn
Daniel A. Ruiz with Lightsworn

Table 6:
Michael C. Huynh with Lightsworn
Christian Lewis with Blackwings (including Vayu)

Table 7:
Travis M. Williams with Destiny Hero Chaos
Maurice Brantley with Destiny Hero Zombies

Table 8:
Daniel Avila with Lightsworn
Roy St. Clair with Destiny Hero Zombies

Table 9:
Rudy Munoz with Lightsworn
Michael Romero with Blackwings (including Vayu)

Table 10:
Jerry Wang with Lightsworn Vayu
Justin Shaft with Gladiator Beasts

Table 11:
Tim Blair with Lightsworn Zombies
Tristian Patillo with Gladiator Beasts

Table 12:
Donald Shugart with Destiny Hero Zombies
Jon M. Avina with Blackwings (including Vayu)

Table 13:
Morandice Black with Lightsworn
Kyle A. Giacona with Lightsworn

Table 14:
Benjamin VanVranken with Blackwings (including Vayu)
Ryan Spicer with Destiny Hero Chaos

Table 15:
Ismael Esqueada with Alchemist Chaos
Tehnomie Lindsey with Blackwings (including Vayu)

The big difference between this field and the one at SHONEN JUMP Championship Orlando? A whole lot more Vayu. Here’s how the 30 Decks at the Top 15 tables break down:

Blackwings (with Vayu): 9
Lightsworn: 9
Destiny Hero Zombies: 3
Lightsworn Vayu: 2
Destiny Hero Chaos: 2
Gladiator Beasts: 2
Lightsworn Zombies: 1
Alchemist Chaos: 1
DARK Zombies: 1

The big jump in the number of Vayu Decks isn’t a big surprise, but the actual composition of those Decks kind of is. Nine of the 11 Vayu Decks at these tables are built with a full compliment of Blackwing cards like “Blackwing – Bora the Spear” and “Black Whirlwind.” Two more are splashing “Blackwing – Vayu the Emblem of Honor” and “Blackwing – Sirocco the Dawn” into Lightsworn Decks. But there are no Vayu Turbo Decks at the top tables (meaning Decks with “Dark Grepher,” “Armageddon Knight,” and “Burial From a Different Dimension.”) Despite Herman Herrera’s spectacular second place performance in Orlando with Vayu Turbo, most Duelists opted to run different variants here today.

There are also no Blackwing Decks that are not running Vayu, which makes sense, as Vayu is the latest and greatest Blackwing tech and is an easy fit into any existing Blackwing Deck.