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Texas Bounties – The Final Count

October 17th, 2009

All right, let’s see how our Bounty Duelists fared here in Austin!FinalBounties

Bounty 1 – Colby Blomstrom: Colby JUST missed Day 2 – he came in 17th place. However, he did win a lot of packs.

Bounty 2 – Billy Brake: Billy dropped, so he’s out of it.

Bounty 3 – Bobby Brake:
Bobby stuck in it until the end, so I’m declaring him the winner of my Twin Race, even though he came in 175th place with 3 wins.

Bounty 4 – Maurice Bentley:
Squeaked into Day 2 at 16th place – Go Maurice!

Bounty 5 – Fabian Cantu:
Fabian dropped a round or so ago, but he’ll be back tomorrow for Side Events. It was nice to finally meet him.

Bounty 6 – Karteepan Chandrarasakumar:
Karteepan finished at 117th place with 5 wins. I am glad I picked him because he’s a nice guy I might not have met otherwise.

Bounty 7 – Herman Herrera:
Herman also dropped, but thanks for playing!

Bounty 8 – John Richey:
John finished up at 159th place, with 4 wins. He’s already talked to me about judging at some future events.

Bounty 9 –  Richard Richey:
Richard landed at 65th place with 6 wins. I think he had a pretty good time as a Bounty Duelist.

Bounty 10 – Ryan Spicer:
Undefeated! Our first ever undefeated Bounty Duelist – congratulations Ryan!


That’s it for the Bounty Feature for Austin – we had a good time here today. Having an undefeated Bounty Duelist was exciting (we almost had a Bounty Duelist vs. Bounty Duelist in the last round!) but it was great to see the handshakes and “Thank yous” between Bounty Duelists and opponents as they came up, win or lose, for the payout of that round’s Bounty.  I hope you enjoyed reading about it, I know I enjoyed running it.