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Welcome to Day 2 in Austin

October 18th, 2009

It’s Sunday morning, and we’re getting ready for Day 2 of SHONEN JUMP Championship Austin!

Ryan Spicer went undefeated years ago at the first Austin SHONEN JUMP Championship, back in 2006, and now he’s repeated that feat with another Day 1 undefeated streak! Spicer is one of 2 Duelists in the Top 16 playing Alchemist / Chaos, a Deck of his own creation. But his opponent is the innovator Maurice Brantley, creator of the “Sky Scourge Norleras” Deck that made Day 2 in Orlando. Only one can move on.

Next up, SHONEN JUMP Championship winner Andrew Fredella takes on Donald Shugart, in a Match that pits Blackwings against Destiny Hero Zombies. Each Deck took 3 Duelists to the Top 16, so this will be a telling Match.

Rudy Munoz is playing Twilight and Henry Vi is playing Lightsworn. Vi is also playing with “Gold Sarcophagus,” while Munoz opted not to run it, and that single card may be a big swing factor.

Daniel Ruiz and former SHONEN JUMP Championship winner Jason Holloway will face off in another Lightsworn vs. Twilight Match.

Chris Bryson will face off against Ismael Esqueda, taking Lightsworn against Alchemist / Chaos. This is another under-explored match-up we haven’t seen before this tournament – will the proven Lightsworn dominate, or will the newer Alchemist / Chaos win out?

Christian Lewis and Benjamin Sager will Duel in our first Feature Match of Day 2! Each Duelist is wielding his own version of the “Blackwing – Vayu the Emblem of Honor” Deck, complete with tech like “Blackwing – Mistral the Silver Shield,” “Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer,” and “My Body As A Shield.”

Morandice Black will take Lightsworn against Roy St. Clair. St. Clair is playing the same type of Deck that carried him to Day 2 at SHONEN JUMP Championship Orlando. This one is anybody’s game.

Finally, Michael Huynh and 2008 U.S. National Champion Chris Bowling will go head-to-head in the third Match of the morning to pit Lightsworn against Twilight. Bowling made it to Day 2 with two copies of “Shiny Black “C”” in his Twilight Deck – excellent tech against Blackwings, but not so helpful in his first Duel here.

Welcome to Day 2 of SHONEN JUMP Championship Austin!

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