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ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! & other updates

November 14th, 2009

We’ve got some interesting side events going on at the other side of the hall. Win-A-Mat tournaments featuring the Jack Atlas & “Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode” Game Mat are running all day, and we’ve also got my personal favorite: ATTACK… OF THE GIANT CARD!!! Announcing that event never gets old. We’ve got three new Giant Cards to give out this weekend that players have been ogling since pre-registration yesterday. Take a look!




Speaking of side events, let’s have a look at how our Bounty Duelists were doing after Round 3.

Dimitri Sfdidis still needs a vowel or two more in his last name, and he’s 1-2.

John Williams had a really rocky start with two losses in a row, but he won his last round and is 1-2.

Ulysses Jackson is 1-2 as well. I’m noticing a pattern here.

Damion Voorhees and Vincent Ralambomiadana are both sitting pretty at 3-0!

L.T. Thornton is also 1-2, which prompted me to bench the other L.T.

Ryan Newburn and Kaxuhiro Mitsuta both had an 0-2-drop kind of day. Makes me sad, especially considering how far Kazuhiro had to come just to play. Hopefully he’ll enjoy some side events.

Mohamad Abadllah is also on the 1-2 train.

Steve Zimmerman bucks the trend! He’s 2-1, a stunning reversal!

We’ll check on how they’re doing again in a few rounds.