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Bounties in the Buckeye State!

November 14th, 2009

Another SHONEN JUMP Championship event means it’s time to tag another 10 Duelists for our Bounty Feature!  Tagged players have a chance to win a lot of booster packs today, but so do their opponents! At the start of each round, 4 packs are added to their bounty pile. If they win, they get 2 of the packs from their pile. If not, their opponent takes everything in the pile. We have 10 rounds today, so someone could walk out of here with 40 packs! Here are today’s Bounty Duelists:

  1. Dimitri Sfdidis – I swear there should be at least one more vowel in this guy’s last name. It’s driving me crazy! The only way I was able to get my mind off the whole “Sfd” thing was by putting a bounty on him.
  2. John Williams IV – A dedicated judge from the Northeast who has traveled here today to compete – and it’s his birthday! I haven’t got a gang of waiters and waitresses to sing a silly birthday song to him, so he’ll have to settle for a horde of Duelists hunting him down.
  3. Ulysses Jackson – With an epic name like Ulysses, I just had to raise the stakes on his tournament experience to an equally epic level.
  4. Damion Voorhees – No relation to Jason Voorhees I hope, but just in case…
  5. Vincent Ralambomiadana – I swear I didn’t choose this one based on his name. But he’s come all the way from France for this event.
  6. L.T. Thornton – I really hope he does better in this tournament than a certain L.T. on my fantasy football team has been doing.
  7. Ryan Newburn – You can never go wrong with one of our U.S. representatives at the 2009 World Championship, right?
  8. Kazuhiro Mitsuta – He’s the player who travelled the furthest to be here with us today, so I‘ll put a bounty on him.
  9. Mohamad Abdallah – Out of over 800 players, he’s first alphabetically by last name.
  10. Steven Zimmerman – All alone at the very bottom of the player list, the only name on page 20, is Steven Zimmerman. I actually assigned him bounty number 2, but the judges gave him number 10 anyways. It’s like the world is conspiring to keep him at the bottom of every list imaginable. I’ll see about fixing that…

We’ll update you later in the tournament on how our Bounty Duelists are doing, and see if it really is tough having a price on your head.