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Buckeye Bounties – Last Men Standing

November 14th, 2009

A long day has finally come to a close. We started with 10 Bounty Duelists, but at the end only two remained: Steven Zimmerman and Vincent Ralambomiadana. Both of them had lost their 5th round match, but hoped to turn things around and come up with 5 wins in a row to leave here with a sizeable jackpot. Steven Zimmerman started out 2-3 through the first 5 rounds but stayed in anyways – perhaps due to the prestige of being a Bounty Duelist! He made a grand comeback in the second half of the tournament winning 5 straight and finishing at 7-3. For his troubles, he went home with 24 out of the possible 40 packs available! Not bad at all!

Vincent Ralambomiadana was a man on a mission today. Regardless of whether or not we chose him as a Bounty Duelist, he was out to decimate the competition. And decimate he did. After winning the first 4 matches and losing the fifth, Vincent won out, finishing 9-1! For his troubles he went home with 28 out of the total 40 packs, surrendering a significant bounty in the fifth round.