Buckeye Bounties Update!

November 14th, 2009

What a brutal day for our bounty Duelists! Six rounds in, only 3 Bounty Duelists remain. None of them are undefeated. Here’s how they fared.

Steve Zimmerman may not have the best record, but he’s having a great time at the event.  He’s sticking at it with a 3-3 record.

Dimitri Sfdidis vanished without a trace with 2 losses on his record. Maybe he went to buy a vowel.

John Williams IV called it quits after his third “donation” to an opponent.

Ulysses Jackson is still in it, fighting the good fight at 2-4.

Damion Voorhees vanished without a trace with 2 losses. I think. I have no idea where he is…

Vincent Ralambomiadana is still going strong at 5-1, losing once in Round 5.

L.T. Thornton called it quits last round with 3 losses.

Ryan and Kazuhiro are long gone.

Mohama Abdallah vanished without a trace as well after 4 rounds.  He had 2 losses at the time.

Three Bounty Duelists remain, and there’s still a fair amount of packs up for grabs!