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Top 16 Results & Day 2 Pairings

November 14th, 2009

Day 1 is over, and after 10 rounds of intense competition a field of over 800 Duelists has come down to just a final 16.  Tomorrow we’ll see Blackwings, Lightsworn, Twilight, and Zombie go head-to-head.  Four more Rounds will decide the victor. Here’s how the Top 16 will look tomorrow:

Peter Cheng (Lightsworn) vs. Kevin Slapnik (Destiny Hero Zombies)
Brian Hines (Kristya / Lightsworn) vs. Ivan Anamaria (Lightsworn)
Desmond Brown (Destiny Hero Zombies) vs. Nicky Lacaille (Blackwings)
Jason Holloway (Twilight) vs. Jeff Jones (Zombie Divas)
Sean McCabe (Lightsworn) vs. Robert Leander (Destiny Hero Zombies)
Steffon Bizzel (Destiny Hero Zombies) vs. Vincent Ralambomiadana (French Twilight)
Kevin Van (Lightsworn) vs. Marquis Johnson (Destiny Hero Zombies)
George Murray (Blackwings) vs. Lazaro Bellido (Zombies)

Looks like the final tally for our Top 16 will be:
Zombie Decks: 7
Lightsworn Decks: 5
Blackwing Decks: 2
Twilight Decks: 2

LIGHT and DARK will collide on Sunday. Join us for Day 2 of SHONEN JUMP Championship Columbus!