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Top Tables Update – Round 6

November 14th, 2009

Round 6 is a great time to look at the top tables and see what’s being played! The closer a Duelist gets to Table 1, the better their record in the tournament, so a quick look at the top 15 tables can give us a good idea of what’s most successful in today’s competition. Here’s what the top tables look like!

Table 1:
Kevin Alvarado with Twilight
Steffon Bizzel with Zombies

Table 2:
Robert Leander with Destiny Hero Zombies
Maurice Brantley with Destiny Hero Zombies

Table 3:
Christian Allison with Lightsworn
Jeff Jones with Diva Zombies

Table 4:
Sean McCabe with Lightsworn
Eric Dunson with Blackwings

Table 5:
Chris Coleman with Gladiator Beasts
Marquis Johnson with Destiny Hero Zombies

Table 6:
George Murray with Blackwings
Kevin Van with Lightsworn

Table 7:
Hector Gonzalez with Blackwings
Kevin Slapnik Destiny Hero Zombies

Table 8:
Paul Squires with Blackwings
Alex Simpson with Dimensional Chaos

Table 9:
Robert Nguyen with Spy Blackwings
Nicky Lacaille with Blackwings

Table 10:
Adam Smith with Brionac OTK
David Keener with Blackwings

Table 11:
Jason Holloway with Twilight
Jehanzeb Siddiqui with Zombies

Table 12:
Peter Cheng with Lightsworn
Wassim Yassine with Lightsworn

Table 13:
Brian Hines with Lightsworn
Erin Diaz with Dimensional Eatos

Table 14:
Devon Schwartz with Lightsworn
Shane Davis with Gemini Beatdown

Table 15:
Stephen Honda with Twilight
Kristopher Wheelis with Blackwings

Of the 30 Decks represented at Tables 1 through 15, here’s how the Decks break down:
Blackwings: 8
Lightsworn: 7
Zombies : 7
Twilight: 3
Gladiator Beasts: 1
Dimensional Chaos: 1
Brionac OTK: 1
Dimensional Eatos: 1
Gemini Beatdown: 1

One of the great trends here is that there are just so many different decks at the top tables right now. If we count the different variants of each theme, there are 12 different Decks in contention. Even if we count all the Lightsworn, Blackwing, and Zombie variants as just a single Deck each, we’re still seeing 8 different decks represented in the top ranks. With stuff like Gemini Beatdown, Brionac OTK, and Dimensional Eatos making the cut, it’s a really interesting field.

We’re just halfway through this tournament, so it’s still anybody’s game. If the top 15 tables right now are any indicator, we may be in for an unpredictable Day 2!