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Deck Profile: Morgan Kisamore’s Ojamaeverything

January 9th, 2010

Ojamas are, by nature, off-the-wall and unpredictable. But Morgan Kisamore is playing what has got to be 1 of the most off-the-wall Decks here today. He’s not just running an Ojama Deck – he’s playing a build that’s jammed to the gills with almost every Ojama trick in the book! Big Synchros, Fusion Summons, and draw combos are just the beginning for this action-packed strategy.


3 “Ojama Blue”

2 “Ojama Green”

2 “Ojama Yellow”

2 “Ojama Black”

3 “Junk Synchron”

1 “Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind”

2 “Chaos Sorcerer”

2 “Honest”

1 “X-Saber Airbellum”

1 “Snipe Hunter”

1 “Rescue Cat”


Spell Cards:

2 “Lightning Vortex”

2 “Polymerization”

3 “Ojamagic”

1 “Brain Control”

3 “Ojama Country”

2 “Pot of Avarice”

1 “Instant Fusion”

1 “Card Destruction”

2 “Magical Mallet”

1 “Heavy Storm”



1 “Mirror Force”

1 “Torrential Tribute”

2 “Royal Decree”


Extra Deck:

1 “Ally of Justice Catastor”

2 “Magical Android”

2 “Ancient Fairy Dragon”

2 “Stardust Dragon”

1 “Thought Ruler Archfiend”

1 “Goyo Guardian”

1 “Red Dragon Archfiend”

1 “Colossal Fighter”

1 “Black Rose Dragon”

2 “Ojama Knight”

1 “Ojama King”

Kisamore’s Deck is all about combos. Game plan? What game plan? If there’s a consistent strategy uniting everything Kisamore can do, I’m not seeing it. This Deck isn’t about sticking to the road map – it’s about huge, unbelievable, spectacular moves that no other Deck can pull off! It’s unpredictable and you never know what it’s going to do next. Like most Ojama Decks, everything starts with “Ojama Blue.”

When “Ojama Blue” is destroyed in battle it gets him two Ojama cards from his Deck. “I usually get “Ojama Country” and “Ojamagic”,” remarked Kisamore. Once he activates “Ojama Country” he can discard “Ojamagic” to Special Summon “Ojama Blue,” and the effect of “Ojamagic” will get him “Ojama Black,” “Ojama Green,” and “Ojama Yellow” from his Deck. From there all bets are off!

With a fistful of Normal Ojamas in his hand the world is Kisamore’s oyster. He can discard the Ojamas 1 by 1 for “Snipe Hunter” to destroy up to three of his opponent’s cards – pretty awesome when he got the cards he’s discarding for free thanks to “Ojamagic.” He can discard them for “Card Destruction” too, getting a whole new hand with three extra cards. He can do a similar trick with “Magical Mallet,” trading Yellow, Black, and Green for three more draws from his Deck.

But those Ojamas aren’t just for draw combos! Kisamore can use 2 of his Ojamas with “Polymerization” to Fusion Summon “Ojama Knight.” Or he can give up all 3 and unleash the bewildering power of “Ojama King”! Both plays will send his Ojamas to the Graveyard.

Once there those Ojamas become even more useful. Kisamore can send 5 of his monsters from his Graveyard back to his Deck to draw 2 cards with “Pot of Avarice.” Reloading Ojamas means that he can use “Ojamagic” more than once in a single Duel. He also plays 3 copies of “Junk Synchron.” When he Summons the Synchron he can Special Summon back any of his Ojamas with “Junk Synchron’s” effect, Tuning his Ojama to the Synchron for a Level 5 Synchro Summon like “Magical Android” or “Ally of Justice Catastor.” If he can get a second Ojama onto the field (by protecting it from attack for a single turn, or by Special Summoning another Ojama with “Ojama Country”), he’ll have 7 Levels’ worth of monsters instead. He can tune 2 Ojamas to “Junk Synchron” for “Black Rose Dragon” or “Ancient Fairy Dragon,” the latter being particularly cool when paired with Ojamas.

“Ancient Fairy Dragon” has 2100 ATK, and its effect can destroy “Ojama Country.” When the Dragon destroys “Ojama Country” it’ll get him another copy from his Deck, while boosting him up by 1000 Life Points. With a second “Ojama Country” now in-hand he can use that Special Summon effect multiple times, playing around the “Once per turn” restriction.

“Instant Fusion” is another cool card in Kisamore’s arsenal! It lets him Special Summon “Ojama Knight” from his Deck, which he can then bring back again and again with “Ojama Country.” Thanks to Country’s wacky ATK and DEF reversing effect that’s a big deal: “Ojama Knight” becomes a 2500 ATK beatstick that’s really tough to get rid of. The Knight can also be used immediately for Synchro Material too, pairing with one of the Deck’s many Level 3 Tuners for a Level 8 Synchro Summon.

And the big plays don’t stop there! “Rescue Cat” can Special Summon Ojamas or unleash “X-Saber Airbellum.” “Honest” presses tiny Ojamas over bigger monsters to build towards Synchro Summons. (Did you even know that Ojamas are LIGHT monsters?) And “Chaos Sorcerer” clears big threats thanks to Ojama monsters all being LIGHT Attributes, while “Junk Synchron” and Gale are DARK to Summon the Sorcerer with.

Morgan Kisamore is wielding one of the most entertaining Decks here this weekend. Whether he makes Day 2 or not, he’s going to have a blast in this tournaemnt, and is sure to surprise his opponents! Ojamas in a SHONEN JUMP Championship? Oh yeah, it’s happening, right here at the biggest tournament of all time!