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Pegasus League Finale Feature Match: Daryl Huang vs. Kelvin Tran

January 10th, 2010

In the Final Match of Pegasus League Deck Challenge Tournament #2, Daryl Huang is running a Gemini Warrior Deck in this Duel, comprised mostly of cards from the Warriors’ Strike Structure Deck. His opponent, Kelvin Tran, is running X-Sabers. Huang won his last Feature Match against X-Sabers – will he be able to do it again to win the tournament?

Tran won the dice roll and chose to go first. He Set one card to his Spell and Trap Zone and then ended his turn.

Huang opened up with “Shiny Black “C”,” 2 copies of “Big Bang Shot,” “Gemini Trap Hole,” and “Future Samurai” in his opening hand. He drew for turn and then Set one monster and a Spell or Trap Card before ending.

Play passed to Tran who Set a monster and ended his turn with no follow-up.

On his next turn, Huang activated “Hidden Armory” and sent “Mystical Space Typhoon” to the Graveyard to search his Deck for “Supervise” and add it to his hand. He Set a card to his Spell and Trap Zone before ending his turn.

Tran Summoned “Card Trooper” next turn and sent “XX-Saber Faultroll,” “Threatening Roar,” and “Mystical Space Typhoon” to the Graveyard by activating its effect. Tran attacked Huang’s Set “Shiny Black “C”” with “Card Trooper” and then ended his turn.

On Huang’s next turn he Set one monster and passed back to Tran.

Tran activated the effect of his “Card Trooper” again, this time sending “XX-Saber Ragigura,” “XX-Saber Gardestrike,” and “Threatening Roar” from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard. “Card Trooper” attacked into Huang’s Set “D.D. Warrior” and both monsters were removed from the game. Then Tran Set one card in his back row and ended his turn.

Huang Summoned “Future Samurai” after drawing and used it to attack Tran’s Set Ragigura. Ragigura was destroyed and Huang ended his turn by Setting one more card to his Spell and Trap Zone.

Tran activated “Mind Control” on “Future Samurai” next turn and then Normal Summoned “XX-Saber Fulhelmknight” to the field. He Tuned it with “Future Samurai” and Synchro Summoned “X-Saber Urbellum,” but Huang removed “Shiny Black “C”” from his Graveyard to destroy it. Then Tran Special Summoned “XX-Saber Gardestrike” and attacked directly, dropping Huang to 5900. In Tran’s End Phase, Huang flipped “Soul Resurrection” to return “Future Samurai” to the field in Defense Position.

On Huang’s next turn, he switched “Future Samurai” to Attack Position. Then he flipped a Set “Big Bang Shot” and equipped it to “Future Samurai.” Then he equipped another “Big Bang Shot” to his “Future Samurai” before equipping it with “Supervise.” When he declared an attack on “XX-Saber Gardestrike,” Tran activated “Book of Moon” to flip “Future Samurai” face-down. Both copies of “Big Bang Shots” and the “Supervise” were destroyed, and there were no Normal Monsters in Huang’s Graveyard for him to Special Summon with “Supervise’s” effect.

On Tran’s next turn he Summoned “XX-Saber Ragigura” to return “XX-Saber Faultroll” from his Graveyard to his hand. Then he Special Summoned Faultroll and activated its effect to Special Summon Fulhelmknight from his Graveyard. Next, he Special Summoned another Faultroll from his hand! Huang immediately conceded.

Huang would be going first in the second Duel. He opened up with “Dark Bribe,” “Sakuretsu Armor,” “Gemini Trap Hole,” “Big Bang Shot,” “Supervise,” and “Birthright.” He Set 4 cards to his Spell and Trap Zone and then ended his turn.

Tran Summoned Airbellum and attacked, but lost his monster when Huang flipped “Sakuretsu Armor.” Huang drew “Gemini Soldier” next turn. He Summoned it to the field and equipped it with Supervise. Tran flipped “Threatening Roar” when Huang entered his Battle Phase. Huang chained “Dark Bribe” to negate it and Special Summoned “Dark Valkyria” from his Deck after his “Gemini Soldier’s” attack went through. “Dark Valkyria” attacked next and Huang ended his turn.

Tran Summoned “Card Trooper” and sent 3 cards from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard in order to pump it to 1900 ATK. Then he attacked “Dark Valkyria,” destroying it and dealing 100 damage to Huang.

Huang drew “Big Bang Shot” next turn and attacked once again with his “Gemini Soldier.” Tran flipped “Mirror Force” to stop the attack destroy it. “Supervise” went down with it, and “Dark Valkyria” was Special Summoned from the Graveyard. “Dark Valkyria” attacked “Card Trooper” and Tran dropped to 4300 Life Points. Tran drew a card for the effect of “Card Trooper” after it was sent to the Graveyard. In his Second Main Phase, Tran Normal Summoned “Dark Valkyria” from the field to give it a Spell Counter and ended his turn. Play passed back to Tran.

Tran Summoned Fulhelmknight and used it to declare an attack on “Dark Valkyria.” He activated “Book of Moon” from his hand to turn the “Dark Valkyria” face-down and Fulhelmknight destroyed it! Then he Special Summoned “X-Saber Airbellum” from his Graveyard with Fulhelmknight’s effect. Airbellum attacked directly and Huang flipped Birthright. Tran chained “Trap Stun” to negate it! Huang lost a “Big Bang Shot” from his hand due to Airbellum’s effect. In his second Main Phase, Tran Special Summoned Faultroll and used it to Special Summon Fulhelmknight from the Graveyard. He Tuned them together for “XX-Saber Gottoms” and then Tributed Airbellum with Gottoms’s effect to make Huang discard his last in-hand card – “Big Bang Shot.” Huang drew “Gemini Trap Hole” and Set it before ending his turn.

Tran attacked Huang directly with Gottoms and Fulhelmknight. Huang dropped to 1900 and Huang was up once again, desperrate for a good draw.

Huang drew “Silent Doom.” He activated it to Special Summon “Gemini Soldier” from his Graveyard. Then he Normal Summoned it to give it its effect and ended his turn. He was hoping Tran would destroy it in battle so he could flip his “Gemini Trap Hole” and clear Tran’s field.

On Tran’s turn, he Normal Summoned “Rescue Cat” and Tributed it to Special Summon “X-Saber Airbellum” and “Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter” from his Deck. He tuned Ryko to Airbellum to Synchro Summon “Ally of Justice Catastor.” Catastor attacked “Gemini Soldier” and destroyed it with its effect. Huang couldn’t activate his “Gemini Trap Hole”! Then Gottoms attacked, but Huang flipped “Soul Resurrection” to return “Dark Valkyria” to the field in Defense Position and block the attack. After Gottoms destroyed “Dark Valkyria,” Fulhelmknight attacked directly and dropped Huang to 600 Life Points. Huang drew his next card and saw that it would be no help. He conceded the Duel.
Kelvin Tran wins Pegasus League: Deck Challenge #2 with his X-Saber Deck!


See what our expert had to say about this Duel after the event was over.

Michael Kohanim (2009 World Championship Competitor)

In Duel 1, Tran used “Mind Control” to take control of a “Future Samurai” and Tune it to his “XX-Saber Fulhelmknight.” Then he lost his Synchro Monster to the effect of the “Shiny Black “C”” in Huang’s Graveyard. Instead, Tran simply could have Special Summoned “XX-Saber Gardestrike” from his hand and attacked “Future Samurai” to get it off the field. This would enable him to deal with Huang’s only monster without losing a single card.

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