Side Event Prize Rounds: Top 4

January 10th, 2010

In addition to 3 “Dark End Dragon” prize cards given away at every SHONEN JUMP CHAMPIONSHIP, 2 additional cards are given away near the end of the event as special prizes, in 2 Side Event play-offs.

The first Side Event has 4 players determined by side event points. Duelists who play in Side Events during the weekend get points for entering and winning. Of the players with the most, 4 Duelists play in a Top 4 Single Elimination play-off, with the winner getting a prize card!

For the second Side Event play-off, 4 players are randomly chosen by random. This means that ANYONE here has a chance to play off for a “Dark End Dragon” of their very own!

Here’s the Top 4 for this event’s Side Event Play-offs:

Side-Event Play-Off (points):
Tyler Way (Zombies) vs. Kelvin Tran (Zombies)
Kelvin Tran wins and moves to the final round.

Ismael Pallares (Lightsworn) vs. Ryan Spicer (Lightsworn)
Ryan Spicer wins and moves to the final round.

Side-Event Play-Off (random):
George Smith vs. Billy Brake
Billy Brake wins and moves to the final round.

Raymond Li vs. Greg Cohen
Greg Cohen wins and moves to the final round.