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Turbo Pack 2 Contents Unveiled!!

January 9th, 2010

Many Duelists anxiously built Decks for the Pegasus League: Deck Challenge so that they could be among the first to see the cards that will be released in Turbo Pack: Booster Two. All competitors in the Pegasus League: Deck Challenge this weekend will get a preview of it. They’ll each receive 2 packs of this unreleased Turbo Pack set, just for entering! Any Duelist who fine-tuned his Deck well enough for a Top 4 finish will be rewarded with even more packs.

Turbo Pack: Booster Two gives Duelists the rarity upgrades and reprints they need to foil out their Decks and prepare them for future releases. The prestigious Ultra Rare slot, occupied by “Doomcaliber Knight” in Turbo Pack: Booster One, has been given to “Chaos Sorcerer.” Previously only available as a Common, “Chaos Sorcerer” has recently seen play in many of the top Decks, including “Twilight” and “Chaos” Decks. The sole Ultimate Rare slot has been given to “Gladiator Beast Heraklinos.” This is a deserving rarity upgrade for the boss monster of the Gladiator Beast Deck!

Lightsworn and Twilight Duelists entered into the Pegasus League will also be thrilled to find at least two more cards to swap into their Decks for rarity upgrades. “Foolish Burial” and “Beckoning Light” have both been printed as Super Rare cards in Turbo Pack: Booster Two, giving them a shine unavailable in their previous Common forms. Casual Duelists running Spellcaster Decks will find a rarity upgrade of “Magical Dimension” for their Decks. “Magical Dimension,” previously available only as a Common and a Rare, has now been upgraded to Super Rare status.

Duelists interested in creating a Gravekeeper’s Deck will also find help in Turbo Pack: Booster Two. “Necrovalley” and “Gravekeeper’s Commandant” are both commons in the set, while “Gravekeeper’s Spear Soldier” has been reprinted as a Rare. “Gravekeeper’s Assailant” has been reprinted as a Super Rare, giving a rarity upgrade to one of the best 1500 ATK Gravekeeper’s monsters in the game. While the core of modern Gravekeeper’s Decks can be found almost entirely in Turbo Pack: Booster Two, Absolute Powerforce will provide them with the boost they need to go to the next level. With so many current releases for Gravekeeper’s cards, it’s easier than ever to build a Gravekeeper’s Deck.

Tournament players will also find reprints of other cards for their Decks. “My Body as a Shield,” a Rare in Turbo Pack: Booster Two is seeing increased play as a counter to commonly played cards like “Judgment Dragon” and “Dark Armed Dragon.” “Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror” and “Light-Imprisoning Mirror” are also Rares from the set that can fit into almost any competitive Side Deck to counter popular Decks like Blackwing and Lightsworn Decks. “Mist Archfiend,” previously only available as a Secret Rare, has also been reprinted as a Rare in Turbo Pack: Booster Two.

Whether you’re a competitive or casual player looking to increase the rarity of cards in your Deck or a new player looking to make your Deck more competitive, Turbo Pack: Booster Two can help you out. There’s something for everyone in this set, and the Duelists who rise to the top of the Pegasus League: Deck Challenge will be the first to get the cards.

Here’s a full list:


Gladiator Beast Heraklinos


Chaos Sorcerer


Gravekeeper’s Assailant

Magical Dimension

Foolish Burial

Beckoning Light

RARE (6):

Gravekeeper’s Spear Soldier

My Body as a Shield

Magical Stone Excavation

Mist Archfiend

Light-Imprisoning Mirror

Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror


Anti-Spell Fragrance

Gravekeeper’s Cannonholder


Autonomous Action Unit


Reflect Bounder

Mausoleum of the Emperor

Gravekeeper’s Commandant

Iron Core of Koa’ki Meiru