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Nashville Bounty Duelists

February 27th, 2010

Another SHONEN JUMP Championship, and another 10 Duelists have been chosen as Bounty Duelists to receive the red lanyard.  There were lots of choices here today, and here are the Bounty Duelists who made the final cut:

Bounty Duelist 1: Chioh Yim
We decided to tag him and label him with a number, so he wouldn’t get mixed up with Chi Hoi Yim again.

Bounty Duelist 2: Timothy Battles
I always like a name that doubles as a sentence! Let’s hope Timothy Battles well today.

Bounty Duelist 3: Frank Schiavone
Frank is a chemistry teacher and considered to be a pretty nice guy.

Bounty Duelist 4:  Kumani Johnson
Kumani is well-regarded by the area Tournament Organizer, as a good player and nice guy. Sounds like he deserves a bounty.

Bounty Duelist 5: Matthew Lytle
Matthew is wearing a very striking jacket, that gives him an uncanny resemblance to Captain America. We could not help admiring it from the stage.

Bounty Duelist 6:  Jonathan Moore
You never know what he’ll bring as a deck, but it will usually do pretty well – you’ll see Jonathan Moore in many a deck profile.

Bounty Duelist 7: Chi Hoi Yim
Yes, he’s tagged as well so he won’t get mixed up with Chioh Yim again.

Bounty Duelist 8: Jon Hochberg
Jon’s been playing in the Southeast for years, and he’s always ready to help me out at a Mall Tour or something.

Bounty Duelist 9: Rusty Brown
How can you not pick someone who could share their name with a crayon? Give him a lanyard at once!

Bounty Duelist 10: Rob Leander
Rob is also very well known as a player in the Southeast. He is extremely tall, too.

We will check in with our Bounty Duelists throughout the day, to see how they are doing!

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