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Post-Event Analysis for SHONEN JUMP Championship L.A. 2010

February 16th, 2010

Here’s some detailed analysis from our panel of experts to analyze and discuss the Feature Matches that came out of the 2010 SHONEN JUMP Championship in Los Angeles, California.

Here’s a list of all the feature matches. You can also follow the new links at the bottom of each Feature Match, to go to the next one.

Round 1: Gregory Cohen vs. Anthony Cortez
Round 2: Tim Fratt vs. Marshaun Young
Round 2: Paul Abdelsayed vs. Christopher Oyola
Pegasus League: Jorge Escamilla vs. Esteban Flores
Pegasus League: Esteban Flores vs. Ryan Spicer
Round 6: Matt Puttman vs. Enoch Sanz
Pegasus League: Chris Alarcon vs. Darryl Huang
Pegasus League: Daryl Huang vs. Kelvin Tran
Round 7: Aaron Luong vs. Kevin Silva
Round 7: Richard Clarke vs. Matt Highline
Round 8: Claudio Kirchmair vs. Rodrigo Togores
Round 9: Hunter Morgan vs. Theodore Stamelatos
Round 9: Yassine Ali vs. Kris Ferber
Round 10: Anthony Alvarado vs. Alex Hin
Round 10: Josh Coleman vs. Calvin Yu
Round 11: Richard Clarke vs. Sascha Foitzik
Round 11: Julian Wong vs. Soo Yeem
Top 16: Jonathan Weigle vs. Soo Yeem
Top 16: Rex Mendoza vs. Oscar Olmedo
Top 8: Michael Anderson vs. Hunter Morgan
Top 4: Adam Corn vs. Stephen Silverman
Final Round: Michael Anderson vs. Stephen Silverman
Side-Event Playoff: Billy Brake vs. Greg Cohen

Check back in a few days for some additional Pegasus League coverage that happen at the event, as well as the Deck Lists for our Deck Analysis features.

And on February 27, check back for live coverage of the SHONEN JUMP Championship in Nashville, Tennessee.

Until then, don’t forget to attend and compete at regional and local tournaments near you! You can find a list of fun activities and events HERE.