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Round 3 – Top 20 Tables

February 27th, 2010

Well the event is well under way at this point, with 714 total players. Entering Round 3, we have 7 rounds left to play today.  Expect to see a lot of players moving in and out of these higher level tables as the day progresses, but for now let’s get an early read on who’s sitting in the top table seats!

Table 1: Maurice Brantley  vs Kevin Slapnik
Table 2: Will Clawson vs. Stefano Zmirich
Table 3: Philip Jaroch vs. Ryan Cox
Table 4: Keith Fuller vs. Michael Guzman
Table 5: Herman Herrera vs. Anthony Nguyen
Table 6: Chris Pittao vs. Shawn Fox
Table 7: Henry Su vs. George Murray
Table 8: Devon Schwartz vs. Kevin Cochran
Table 9: Matthew Franklin vs. Tyler Harnish
Table 10: Paul Squires vs. Steven Axtell
Table 11: Adric High vs. Alex Mitchell
Table 12: Bertha Pena vs. Joe Roberts
Table 13: Tyler Thorson vs. Christopher Wolfenbarger
Table14: Paul Blair vs. Nathan Lauder
Table 15: Alistar Albans vs. David Guerra
Table 16: Elijah Gersten vs. Deon Patterson
Table 17: Joe A. Torres vs. Ajay Murphy
Table 18: Chris Miller vs. Kevin Hettich
Table 19: Joseph Grisham vs. Jakob Smith
Table 20: Johnathon Day vs. Justin Ashe

We’ll bring you updated information on who is taking the lead, as the tournament continues!

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