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Round 5 – Top 20 Tables

February 27th, 2010

Halfway there! Let’s check in and see how everyone is doing.

Table 1: Bradley Easler  vs. Adam Miller
Table 2: Caesar Rizk  vs. Raul Rodriguez
Table 3: Ajay Murphy vs. Deon Patterson
Table 4: Juan Morales  vs. Justin Henry
Table 5: Satoshi Kato vs. Noah White
Table 6: Daniel Avila vs. Kris Hunt
Table 7: Mike Glowacki vs. Rocky Hoang
Table 8: Henry Su vs. Scott Mattson
Table 9: Matthew Franklin vs. Steven Bates
Table 10: Devon Schwartz vs. Jourdon Serio
Table 11: Patrick Hoban vs. Abel Carrasco
Table 12: Michael Guzman vs. Tray Massengale
Table 13: Aaron McNeely vs. Justin Garrett
Table 14: Gonzalo Vega vs. Justin Ashe
Table 15: Henry Li vs. David Sanville
Table 16: Herman Herrera vs. Dominikue Parsely
Table 17: Alex Vansant vs. Ryan Cox
Table 18: Chioh Yim (Bounty Duelist) vs. Jarel Winston
Table 19: Adrew Jeffries vs. Wyatt Urbahns
Table 20: Joel Brown vs. Johnathan Harrison

Looks like a good day for Chioh Yim – a Bounty, an undefeated record, and an upcoming feature match!

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