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Tech Update: Round 1

February 27th, 2010

We’re in the final 2 days under the current Forbidden & Limited Cards list, but Duelists are still tweaking their Decks and looking for innovative ways to get ahead of the competition. Check out the latest tech in the September 2009 format.

Miracle Fusion

Special Summoning a huge attacker by activating a single Spell Card can be game-breaking. With the release of “Elemental Hero Absolute Zero,” now it’s easier than ever. Absolute Zero can be Special Summoned by mixing one Elemental Hero, Destiny Hero, or Evil Hero with any WATER monster. “Miracle Fusion” lets you remove those monsters from your Graveyard to bring it out. Another piece of this puzzle is “Deep Sea Diva,” a WATER Tuner that has been gaining a lot of popularity lately, finding its place in some Destiny Hero Zombie and Chaos Decks. Putting it all together, now Duelists can remove their “Elemental Hero Stratos” or second copy of “Destiny Hero – Malicious” along with a “Deep Sea Diva” from their Graveyard to bring out Absolute Zero with “Miracle Fusion.”

Not only can Absolute Zero push for the final 2500 damage that will finish off an opponent, but its effect can also save a Duelist who is staring down a swarm of monsters. When Absolute Zero leaves the field, it takes down all of the opponent’s monsters with it. That makes Absolute Zero a great card to use when you really need to start a comeback.

With “Miracle Fusion” splashed into so many Main Decks, several Duelists are also making room in their Extra Decks for “Elemental Hero Gaia” from Ancient Prophecy. By removing an EARTH monster like “Card Trooper” from your Graveyard along with “Elemental Hero Stratos” for “Miracle Fusion,” Gaia can hit the field and attack over any monster!

Some Duelists are also using “Super Polymerization” in their Side Decks to take advantage of opponents using Hero monsters, WATER monsters, and EARTH monsters. By discarding a card, “Super Polymerization” allows Duelists to use monsters on either side of the field to perform a Fusion Summon – including their opponents’ monsters. With so many different monsters that can be combined to Fusion Summon “Elemental Hero Absolute Zero” and “Elemental Hero Gaia,” “Super Polymerization” can be a key card for getting rid of opposing threats and replacing them with your own Hero.


Spined Gillman

The rise in popularity of “Deep Sea Diva” has also caused Duelists to search for other Level 3 and lower Sea-Serpents to Special Summon with it. Many of those Duelists found “Spined Gillman.” “Spined Gillman” only has 1300 ATK, but it boosts all Fish, Sea-Serpent, and Aqua-Type monsters by 400 ATK, including itself. This means that if you Summon a “Deep Sea Diva” because you need a Level 2 Tuner, you can bring out a free 1700 ATK monster with it.

“Spined Gillman” also lets players Summon Level 5 Synchro Monsters like “Ally of Justice Catastor” more easily than ever before. Duelists can simply Normal Summon “Deep Sea Diva,” use her effect to Special Summon “Spined Gillman” from the Deck, and Tune them together to Synchro Summon “Ally of Justice Catastor.” This is a powerful play against the popular Lightsworn-based Decks being used by a lot of competitors. “Spined Gillman” is certain to give Duelists running “Deep Sea Diva” an edge in this match-up.


Royal Oppression

Many Duelists are expecting their opponents to rely on Special Summoning monsters with cards like “Miracle Fusion” or “Deep Sea Diva.” So Duelists are using “Royal Oppression” into their Decks to counter it. “Royal Oppression” was used in several Decks at SHONEN JUMP Championship Los Angeles, and the number of copies being played in Main Decks seems to be multiplying.

Experienced Duelists know the importance of Special Summoning monsters to get out of tight spots. They realize that by flipping “Royal Oppression” while they’re ahead, they can clinch the Duel. That’s why even some Zombie Duelists, who rely on Special Summoning to win more than most other Decks in the game, are still choosing to use “Royal Oppression” to pin down their opponents. “Royal Oppression” will be semi-limited in just a few days, but many Duelists will still be throwing a copy or two into their Decks, so it’s important to be ready to face it.


Dust Tornado

To counter the increased use of “Royal Oppression,” some competitors here today are using “Dust Tornado” to destroy it. After their opponents pay 800 Life Points to negate a Special Summon, “Dust Tornado” can destroy “Royal Oppression” and make sure the Special Summon is successful. Other Duelists are choosing to use “Raigeki Break” and “Phoenix Wing Wind Blast” instead, since they’re able to get rid of “Royal Oppression,” but can also eliminate an opposing monster that poses a strong threat. In Decks that rely on Special Summoning to win, having ways to get rid of “Royal Oppression” is critical. The Duelists who realized this came here prepared to destroy it when their opponents flip it face-up.

In just a few more days, we’ll see the start of a brand new game and new tech will emerge in Duelists’ Decks. But for now, all competitors are concerned with only one thing: staying ahead of the game in these final days to win this weekend’s SHONEN JUMP Championship.