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Feature Match: Brandon Miotke wins Dark End Dragon in Dragon Duel Championship

April 26th, 2010

Dragon Duels are a tournament series that are open only to players age 12 & under. At this weekend’s Dragon Duels, about 50 Dragon Duelists competed to win Game Mats, card binders, and other cool stuff, plus one special, awesome prize: a copy of the Championship Prize Card Dark End Dragon!

At the end of the day, the tournament came down to two finalists: Brandon Miotke from Michigan and Jared Centamore from New Jersey, a pair of 12 year-old Duelists who have each won Dragon Duel tournaments in the past. When the dust settled, Miotke had emerged victorious. Here’s a card-by-card report on their exciting Duel to determine this weekend’s champion!

Brandon Miotke with his Newest Card

(If you’re 12 years old or younger, and you want to play in a Dragon Duel championship yourself, you can find them at any Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series event. Check the Events Calendar and be on the lookout for a Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series coming near you!)

Long-time Duel fans might remember Brandon Miotke from our coverage of the very first Pegasus League Challenge last year at SHONEN JUMP Championship in Indianapolis. Since then, the 12 year-old Dueling powerhouse has won 3 Dragon Duel tournaments in Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Detroit.

But his opponent can match him blow-for-blow! Jared Centamore is another 12 year-old Dueling prodigy, and also has a total of 3 Dragon Duel wins to his name – Centamore earned his stripes with 2 victories in Philadelphia and another right here, in Edison. While Miotke is undefeated today with Zombies, Centamore is playing Machina Gadgets with Solidarity.

Both of these competitors wanted their fourth Dragon Duel win, but with that prestige would also come an even bigger prize – the winner would claim a copy of Dark End Dragon! Both competitors were eager to get to Dueling!

Miotke opened the Match with a hand of Goblin Zombie, Legendary Jujitsu Master, Zombie Master, Burial From a Different Dimension, Lightning Vortex, and Pyramid Turtle. He Set his Turtle and ended.

Centamore Summoned Yellow Gadget, searched his Deck for Green Gadget, and Miotke suddenly looked pretty happy: “Gadgets! This is one of my best matchups.” Centamore pressed on, attacking with Yellow to reveal Pyramid Turtle and take 200 damage. He Set one card to his back row and ended.

Miotke attacked with Pyramid Turtle in a bid to trade off with Yellow Gadget and Special Summon another Zombie, but Centamore countered with Dimensional Prison! Miotke Set Legendary Jujitsu Master and ended his turn.

Centamore Tributed Yellow Gadget for Jinzo on his turn, then discarded Machina Fortress and Red Gadget to Special Summon the Fortress. He also activated Solidarity. Jinzo attacked Legendary Jujitsu Master and was spun back to the top of Centamore’s Deck by its effect, then Fortress made a direct attack! Miotke was down to 4700 Life Points.

Miotke discarded Goblin Zombie next turn for Lightning Vortex, destroying Machina Fortress. He Summoned Sangan, attacked for 1000 Life Points, and ended.

Next turn, Centamore Normal Summoned Green Gadget, searched his Deck for Red Gadget, and attacked Sangan, which let Miotke dive into his Deck to add Plaguespreader Zombie to his hand. With Zombie Master at his disposal, he was setting up big moves that he could make as soon as next turn. Centamore ended his turn with Green Gadget and Solidarity.

Miotke drew Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. He Summoned Zombie Master, discarded Plaguespreader Zombie, and Special Summoned Goblin Zombie. He placed a card back on top of his Deck, Special Summoned Plaguespreader Zombie with its effect, and Tuned it to Goblin Zombie to Synchro Summon Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier! Goblin Zombie’s effect got him his Mezuki from his deck, and Miotke discarded it for Brionac’s effect, bouncing away Green Gadget! He then removed Mezuki, Special Summoned Goblin Zombie, and it was all over!

Brandon Miotke captures the first Duel with authority, exploding with a flurry of Zombie monsters to chalk up the win! One more like that and he’d become the proud owner of 4 Dragon Duel titles and a Dark End Dragon!

Brandon Miotke

Centamore started the second Duel by Summoning Red Gadget, searching his deck for Yellow Gadget. He Set a Spell or Trap to end his turn.

Miotke had Foolish Burial, Book of Life, Allure of Darkness, Burial From a Different Dimension, Lightning Vortex, and Pyramid Turtle. He Set Turtle and ended, just like in the first Duel.

Centamore Summoned Yellow Gadget, this time fetching Green Gadget from his Deck. He activated Future Fusion, declared Chimeratech Overdragon, and sent Cyber Dragon, Machina Fortress, 2 Jinzo – Returners, and 2 Jinzos from his Deck to his Graveyard! He Special Summoned both Jinzos, activated Solidarity, then discarded to Special Summon Machina Fortress! Yellow Gadget attacked Pyramid Turtle, and the Turtle was destroyed, letting Miotke Special Summon another in Defense Position, which Red Gadget attacked. Miotke got a third Turtle, which was destroyed by Jinzo, and Miotke Special Summoned Goblin Zombie in Defense Position. Next up, the second Jinzo attacked Goblin Zombie, and that got Miotke Mezuki added to his hand from his deck. He had Lightning Vortex at the ready to discard it. Finally, Centamore’s Machina Fortress attacked for 3300 damage, and Centamore Set 2 cards to his back row before destroying his Jinzos.

Miotke fired back on his turn, discarding Mezuki for Lightning Vortex to clear the field! He activated Book of Life to bring back Goblin Zombie and remove Machina Fortress from his opponent’s Graveyard, and attacked, but lost his monster to Dimensional Prison! He activated another Book of Life, removed Jinzo, and Special Summoned Pyramid Turtle in Defense Position.

Centamore activated Gold Sarcophagus on his turn, removing Overload Fusion from his Deck! He’d add it to his hand it in just 2 turns. He Summoned Green Gadget, searched out Red Gadget, and ended.

Miotke drew Plaguespreader Zombie, Set a Spell or Trap, and ended.

Centamore’s Chimeratech Overdragon hit the field next, sending all his other cards on the field to the Graveyard, and Future Fusion’s effect then destroyed the Overdragon. Centamore Summoned Red Gadget, got Yellow Gadget, and Set a Spell or Trap.

Miotke drew, and activated Allure of Darkness: he drew 2 more cards and had System Down, Plaguespreader Zombie, Zombie Master, Dark Armed Dragon, and Foolish Burial. He removed his Zombie Master to complete Allure’s effect, activated Foolish Burial, and sent Il Blud from his Deck to his Graveyard. He still had Burial From a Different Dimension Set. Miotke removed Mezuki, Special Summoned Il Blud, and Normal Summoned it to get its effect; Centamore responded with Trap Hole, destroying Il Blud. Next, Miotke activated System Down, removing Red Gadget and all of the Machines from Centamore’s Graveyard from play! He then activated Burial From a Different Dimension, returning Mezuki, Zombie Master, and Goblin Zombie to his Graveyard. He Special Summoned Dark Armed Dragon, removed Mezuki, Special Summoned Zombie Master, and discarded Plaguespreader Zombie to Special Summon it with Zombie Master’s effect. He Tuned it to Pyramid Turtle, Synchro Summoned Goyo Guardian, and had a total of 7400 ATK on the table. He attacked with everything and Centamore had 600 Life Points left.

On his turn, Centamore took his Overload Fusion from the removed zone, adding it to his hand, but since System Down had removed all of his Machines from his Graveyard last turn, Overload Fusion was useless! He Special Summoned Cyber Dragon, Normal Summoned Yellow Gadget, searched his Deck for Green Gadget, and looked at the field. “You have to get rid of Dark Armed,” stated Miotke. “Can you?” Miotke was totally polite, but he knew very well that all Centamore had was Green Gadget and Overload Fusion – Centamore couldn’t survive, knew it, and offered the handshake.

Brandon Miotke goes undefeated in the biggest Dragon Duel tournament ever, and wins a copy of Dark End Dragon!

Jared Centamore


See what our panel of experts had to say after the Duel.

Jason Grabher-Meyer (The Old Man of Dueling)
Duelists like Brandon Miotke and Jared Centamore really know their stuff, and seeing them go head-to-head for a Dark End Dragon made for a great Match. There were great plays from both Duelists. Miotke knew just how to string together the combos he needed, while Centamore’s explosive Future Fusion with Jinzos and Jinzo – Returners was unforgettable. But I think my favorite move was Miotke’s System Down, keeping Centamore from what would have been a game-winning Overload Fusion. Miotke knew that if his opponent made it to his next turn with a loaded Graveyard the Duel was over, but he had the perfect counter, and he demonstrated exactly why System Down is such a good Side Deck choice.


Michael Kohanim (2009 World Championship Competitor)
Miotke was prepared to face Machina Gadget Decks in the Dragon Duel Championship and was able to win because of it. The System Down he sided in against Centamore devastated his field and Graveyard, preventing him from using Overload Fusion. That kind of preparation is characteristic of every champion.


P.J. Tierney (Duelist from across The Pond)
In the first Duel, Miotke used Lightning Vortex to get rid of Centamore’s Machina Fortress. While Miotke lost 2 cards to Centamore’s 1, he made sure that Centamore couldn’t Summon Jinzo next turn to lock down all of this Trap Cards. He knew the Jinzo was coming since he sent it back to the top of Centamore’s Deck last turn with Legendary Jujitsu Master.
System Down is a great card to use against any Machina or Gadget Deck. For 1000 Life Points, you get to remove every Machine on the field and in your opponent’s Graveyard from play. With this one card, Miotke was able to empty Centamore’s entire Graveyard and prevent him from playing Overload Fusion to Summon Chimeratech Overdragon.