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QQ: New Game Mat Prizes

April 25th, 2010

With not 2, not 3, but 4 new game mats debuting as prizes here at this event, it seemed like a good time to query attendees about which mat they wanted the most:

  • Every competitor in the SHONEN JUMP Championship main event gets a Tragoedia mat just for playing.
  • Winners of the Win-A-Mat Public Events can get the new Crow & Black-Winged Dragon mat.
  • Top-ranked Duelists in Regional Qualifier events can win the new Blackwing Armor Master & Blackwing Armed Wing mat.
  • And for those Duelists tough enough, skilled enough, and lucky enough, making the Top 32 in the main event will get you a new 75th SJC Dark End Dragon mat, made just for this event.

So which is the favorite? We asked a variety of attendees to make their pick!

“The new Regional mat is my favorite, with Blackwing Armed Wing and Blackwing Armor Master.”Matt Highline

“The Dark End one. It looks really cool: I like the colors.” – Meghan Guicciardini

“I think I’d say Tragoedia, I love the art.” – Jean-Andre Marchand

“I like the Dark End mat! I really like that one.” – Matt Peddle, Canadian National Championship Runner-Up

Dark End Dragon. He’s the tournament prize card, and he’s got an awesome ability.” – Katie Volpe

“I’m going to say the Blackwing Regional Mat. I love the monsters on this one, I like it a lot more than the Lightsworn and X-Saber mats.” – Jeff Morey

Dark End Dragon!” – Dakota Rhodes Ticheli, SHONEN JUMP Championship First-Timer

“The Crow mat with Black-Winged Dragon. It looks awesome and it seems powerful.” – Jonathan Jankowiak, attending his first ever tournament ever

“I have 2 favorites: Tragoedia and Dark End Dragon!” Kyle Szunowski

“I like the new Regional mat, the Blackwing Armed Wing one. It’s pretty good!” – Adam Corn, SHONEN JUMP Champion and former United States Champion

While all of the mats proved popular, it seemed like everybody had an especially high opinion of the new Dark End Dragon mat. Good luck to everyone vying for their favorite mat this weekend!