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QQ: Speaking of Starlight Road…

April 24th, 2010

Starlight Road is one of the most hotly debated cards in the game. While several Duelists fearing its impact have taken mass-removal out of their Decks, others are fearless enough to disregard the possibility their opponent has Starlight Road when constructing their Decks. Following up on our last QQ, I asked a bunch of Duelists how Starlight Road has impacted their view of Heavy Storm, Mirror Force, and Torrential Tribute. Check out their responses!


Ryan Spicer, Age 19, from Texas

Starlight Road has definitely changed the way I see those cards. I don’t really like Mirror, Torrential, or Heavy anymore. It can put you in a really tough place if your opponent flips Starlight Road.”


Robert DiMartino, Age 20, from Brooklyn, New York

Starlight Road hasn’t really affected the way I see those cards. Starlight Road is just one card. I pretty much ignore it – if my opponent has it, he has it. Sometimes, I can read that my opponent has Starlight Road. Only then I play around it.”


Nathaniel Jadotte, Age 19, from Brooklyn, New York

Starlight Road has changed the way I see those 3 cards. I know I have to play around Starlight Road and make safer plays, but I’ll still use Heavy Storm when my opponent has 4 back rows. I don’t really like using Starlight Road though, because a lot of people have learned to play around it.”


Matthew Herrera, Age 12, from Stratford, Connecticut

“I don’t look at those 3 cards the same way anymore. 1 Starlight Road can change the whole game after any one of those cards are activated. A single Stardust Dragon can turn the Duel around.”


Josh Thomas, Age 22, from Illinois

“Yeah, those cards are different now than they were before Starlight Road was released. You have to be more careful when you’re using them. But you can still play around Starlight Road with simple Spell and Trap Card removal.”


David Sanville, Age 16, from San Jose, California

“Before Starlight Road was released, if the opponent Set 4 cards, I’d automatically use Heavy Storm if I had it. Now, I have to think twice. Mirror Force and Torrential Tribute can be dangerous too, with Starlight Road around. I generally don’t play around it, but sometimes I have to.”


James Ko, Age 12, from Queens, New York

“I pretty much ignore Starlight Road. I still use Heavy Storm, Torrential Tribute, and Mirror Force in my Deck, and I don’t play around Starlight Road at all.”


Michaelangelo Krupka Janik, Age 14, from Queens, New York

Starlight Road has changed my view on those cards a little bit. Most of my cards only destroy one card at a time anyway, so it doesn’t affect me too much. I still run all 3 of those cards, even with Starlight Road out there, but sometimes I play around it.”


Eric Peck, Age 15 from Shelton, Connecticut

“I don’t play Heavy Storm anymore. I just don’t like to risk my opponent getting a free Stardust Dragon that can turn the game around.”


Adam Corn, Age 19 from Orange County, Southern California.

Starlight Road definitely changed the way I look at Heavy Storm, Mirror Force, and Torrential Tribute. If you’re thinking about using Heavy Storm, you have to be way more careful when your opponent has multiple back rows. Starlight Road is one card that can cost you the game if you walk into it.”