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QQ: What Deck’s Gonna Win this Weekend?

April 24th, 2010

QQ stands for Quick Questions!

The tournament hasn’t started yet, but I’ve surveyed several of today’s competitors to find out what Deck they think will win today’s tournament. Here’s what people had to say:


Jesse Samek, Age 21, from Long Island, NY

Drill Warrior! I love Drill Warrior! I think a Quickdraw Synchron Deck will win – it’s really good and plays Drill Warrior.”


Ryan Spicer, Age 19, from Texas

“I think some type of Synchro Cat Deck will win. Or maybe that Quickdraw Deck with Dandylion.”


Robert DiMartino, Age 20, from Brooklyn, NY

“Gladiators! Gladiators all the way! I hear a lot of people are playing Plants, and Gladiators destroy them with Gladiator Beast War Chariot.”


Nathaniel Jadotte, Age 19, from Brooklyn, NY

“I think Gladiators or Gadgets will win, because it’s the Quickdraw Deck’s worst matchup. A lot of people are running the Quickdraw Deck today.”


Matthew Herrera, Age 12, from Stratford Connecticut

“I think Blackwings will win because they’re the most aggressive Deck right now.”


Josh Thomas, Age 22, from Illinois

“I think Cat Synchro without Quickdraw Synchron in it will win. Someone around here has to have a build that will break it.”


David Sanville, Age 16, from San Jose, California

“I think Monarchs will win. Treeborn Frog is awesome, and monarchs just give a lot of advantage. Every Deck Sets a lot of monsters now and using Monarchs is a great way to get rid of them.”


James Ko, Age 12, from Queens, NY

“I think X-Sabers will win, because they’re pretty fast. Or maybe ‘Kitties from Hades’ (AKA Flamvell Cat). That Deck’s really good too.”


Michaelangelo Krupka Janik, Age 14, from Queens, NY.

“I think Blackwings or some new Deck that’s a strange variant of something. Since it’s a new format, everyone is still exploring and whoever wins will become a pioneer.”


Adam Corn, Age 19, from Orange County, California

Quickdraw Synchron will win. A lot of good players are playing it and it definitely has the potential to win.”


Who’s prediction will be correct? Maybe none of them? Keep following our coverage throughout the weekend and see for yourself!