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QQ: What’s YOUR Secret Weapon?

April 25th, 2010

Time for more QQ (that’s Quick Questions)!

The stakes are high and there are literally thousands of Duelists in competition here today! In a high-pressure tournament like this one everybody’s looking for that little extra edge over the opposition, and that means pulling out all the stops to surprise and outwit your opponents. We hit the floor to ask a spread of Duelists to name the single card they ran that would set them apart from the rest of the field. Main Deck or Side Deck: it’s all fair game as we ask: “What’s your secret weapon?”

“Gozen Match! It’s so good! All my guys are EARTH, so it stops Gladiator Beasts, Twilight… it just kills everyone.” – Jessy Samek, with X-Sabers

“I’m running Frogs, but I want to say Light and Darkness Dragon.” Devin Djuricin, with Frog Monarchs

“I’m running the same Deck as my brother, but I’d say Soul Exchange.” – Logan Djuricin, also with Frog Monarchs

“I think the Side Deck is going to be really important. We just got into Soul Release. It destroys the Quickdraw Deck!” – Matt Peddle, with Frog Monarchs

“Autonomous Action Unit. It’s in my Side Deck, I don’t think anyone’s going to expect it. I’m playing Synchro Cat: it seems good in the mirror match… good against everything except Gladiator Beasts usually.” – Jonathan Dansbury, with Synchro Cat

“D. D. Warrior Lady. She can remove anything – I can just attack and take the points. I don’t care, as long as my opponent’s monster gets removed.” – Katie Volpe

“Red Dragon Archfiend. It’s one of the most powerful cards and it’s got a really good ability.” Dakota Rhodes Ticheli, SHONEN JUMP Championship First-Timer

“My favorite card is Flamvell Uruquizas. It’s strong, and it helps me in tough situations. It deals damage through Defense Position monsters like Gravekeeper’s Spy.” – Jonathan Jankowiak, SHONEN JUMP Championship First-Timer

Clear World! Clear World doesn’t effect Machina. I’ve been testing, and it shuts down Blackwings heavily. Lightsworn has to play with their hand revealed, too, that’s pretty good. Scrap-Iron Scarecrow with three Starlight Road is pretty good, too.” – Jean-Andre Marchand, with Machina Gadgets

“I like Rescue Cat. Gladiator Beasts don’t have huge, surprising moves, but I can do Cold Wave and Rescue Cat!” – Meghan Guicciardini, with Gladiator Beasts

There’s a lot of variety here in today’s tournament, and countless Duelists are switching up established Decks to add a little personal style and unexpected twists. Individual choices make all the difference in a tournament this size, and tomorrow, we’ll see which were the most successful!