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SJC History: The Cyber-Stein Age (2005)

April 24th, 2010

Here’s a look at some more great SHONEN JUMP Championships from 2005, when Cyber-Stein was the top Prize Card!

SHONEN JUMP Championship #5
Location: Los Angeles
Date: April 2nd, 2005
Competitors: 476
Winner: Eric Wu
1st Place Deck: Chaos Zombies
Runner-Up: Keanson Ye
2nd Place Deck: Zombies with Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys
Prize Card: Cyber-Stein
With a new Advanced Format at their fingertips, Duelists got creative! The weekend came down to two great Duelists competing in the Finals, each with a different Zombie Deck. While Keanson Ye finished second with Zombies and Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys, Eric Wu won the tournament with Chaos Zombies!

SHONEN JUMP Championship #7
Location: New Jersey
Date: June 11th, 2005
Competitors: 528
Winner: Ryan Hayakawa
1st Place Deck: Chaos Thousand-Eyes Restrict Lockdown
Runner-Up: Wilson Luc
2nd Place Deck: Chaos Thousand-Eyes Restrict Lockdown
Prize Card: Cyber-Stein
After claiming victory at SHONEN JUMP Championship Houston just five weeks before, Californian Duelist Ryan Hayakawa traveled to the East Coast to do it all again, winning his second SHONEN JUMP Championship victory in a row! This event saw the first-ever Champion versus Champion Finals Match in the SHONEN JUMP Championship series. Hayakawa’s victory over Wilson Luc crystallized his reputation as one of Dueling’s greats, and hammered home the dominance of Thousand-Eyes Restrict for months to come.

SHONEN JUMP Championship #8
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Date: June 25th, 2005
Competitors: 470
Winner: Anthony Alvarado
1st Place Deck: Chaos / Thousand-Eyes Restrict
Runner-Up: Jae Kim
2nd Place Deck: Zombies
Prize Card: Cyber-Stein
As competition heated up in the wake of SHONEN JUMP Championship New Jersey, Jae Kim took on Anthony Alvarado in one of the greatest matches of the Pot of Greed, Graceful Charity, Delinquent Duo era. While Thousand-Eyes Restrict dominated tournaments, Kim bucked the trend by playing Zombies with triple Trap Dustshoot and double Mind Crush in his Side Deck, taking it all the way to the Finals. The first Duel came down to both competitors topdecking, but Alvarado was the first to recover and take the win. The second Duel saw Alvarado activate Pot of Greed, Delinquent Duo, and ride Mobius the Frost Monarch to victory!