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SJC History: The Des Volstgalph Age (2005-2006)

April 24th, 2010

Des Volstgalph was introduced as the second SHONEN JUMP Championship Prize Card at GenCon, in the Fall of 2005. Here’s a look at some great SHONEN JUMP Championships from 2005-06, when Des Volstgalph was the top Prize Card!

SHONEN JUMP Championship #13
Location: Chicago
Date: October 29th, 2005
Competitors: 389
Winner: Dale Bellido
1st Place Deck: Mystic Tomato / Control
Runner-Up: Carlos Santiago
2nd Place Deck: Removal Beatdown
Prize Card: Des Volstgalph
The SHONEN JUMP Championship series got its first-ever Canadian Champion at this event, as Dale Bellido triumphed over all comers to win the day with his innovative Tomato Control Deck! Defeating New York’s Paul Levitin in the Semi-Finals, Bellido would move on to face Levitin’s friend Carlos Santiago in the Finals. The irony? While Bellido had just defeated Levitin, Santiago had just defeated Lazaro Bellido – Dale’s brother! In the tournament that put duelists like Jerry Wang and Augustin Herrera on the map, Dale Bellido would capture the title and plant the seed for Canada’s reputation in Dueling.

SHONEN JUMP Championship #14
Location: Los Angeles
Date: November 19th, 2005
Competitors: 428
Winner: Paul Levitin
1st Place Deck: Warrior / Bazoo Return
Runner-Up: Angel Flores
2nd Place Deck: Warrior Beatdown
Prize Card: Des Volstgalph
In a tournament defined by the newly released Cyber Dragon, Spirit Reaper, and Monarchs, Paul Levitin outplayed the expected strategies and devastated the field with a secret weapon: Return from the Different Dimension. With three copies each of Bazoo the Soul Eater, D. D. Assailant, and Return, Levitin punished his slower opponents and scored the 2-0 victory over Angel Flores to take an undefeated win.

SHONEN JUMP Championship # 16
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Date: February 25th, 2006
Competitors: 482
Winner: Chris Flores
1st Place Deck: Mobius the Frost Monarch / Cyber Dragon / Dekoichi the Battlechanted
/ Tsukuyomi
Runner-Up: Jason Holloway
2nd Place Deck: Cyber Dragon / Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive / Tsukuyomi
Prize Card: Des Volstgalph
This event was the trend-setter – while decks centered on Cyber Dragon, Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive, and Tsukuyomi had seen Top 8 finishes in the months prior to this event, Chris Flores’ win here would set the pace for weeks to come. Overcoming Robert Ackerman, Jerry Wang, and finally Jason Holloway in the Top 8, Flores carved a place for himself in the history of the game.

SHONEN JUMP Championship #19
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Date: April 8th, 2006
Competitors: 535
Winner: Shane Scurry
1st Place Deck: Chaos Sorcerer Return
Runner-Up: Chris Pittao
2nd Place Deck: Chaos Sorcerer Monarchs
Prize Card: Des Volstgalph
Eight days into a new Advanced Format, Shane Scurry would explode to the forefront of Dueling with one of the most influential wins ever! While many Duelists played slower Monarch Chaos Decks in Baltimore, Scurry relied once again on the card that had brought his friend Paul Levitin success, outspeeding and overpowering the opposition with Return from the Different Dimension. Different forms of Chaos Return would go on to win 6 of the next 7 SHONEN JUMP Championships.