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QQ: What are you playing from The Shining Darkness?

May 15th, 2010

With The Shining Darkness making its big debut here today, a lot of Duelists are playing a lot of different cards from the set. We talked to some Duelists in today’s main event to find out what they were playing, and the results were as varied as the Duelists themselves. So, what were our QQ interviewees playing?

“I play Black-Winged Dragon! It works with Debris Dragon: if you Tune Debris to Dandylion, and you need to take out Stardust Dragon, Red Dragon Archfiend has the ATK but it’ll destroy your 2 Fluff Tokens. Black-Winged Dragon can get over Stardust and you get to keep your Tokens.”

-George Velasquez, 19


“I’m playing Infernities, so pretty much my entire Deck. And I’m Side Decking Corridor of Agony for Gladiator Beasts. I’m playing Crevice into the Different Dimension, too.”

-Hector Heras, 22


Cherry Inmato and Spore!”

-Michael Hutchinson, 19


“I’m playing Breeze – the Zephyr.”

-Kris Ferber, 21


“None, I’m playing Samurais again!”

-Money Smith, 23


“I’m playing Infernities, so a lot of cards.”

-Morandice Black, 22


Crevice into the Different Dimension. I don’t play it in the Main Deck, but I Side Deck it.”

-Guido Falconi, 21


“I Side Deck Intercept Wave, so when Infernities have a big first turn and they play a lot of Synchro Monsters, I can get rid of them.”

-Ameen Bahar, 22


Herald of Perfection and Dawn of the Herald!”

Russel Laparre, 19


“I’m not playing any cards from Shining Darkness… but I did trade for a Cards for Black Feathers!”

-Danny Bassous, 19