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QQ: What are your anti-Infernity cards?

May 15th, 2010

Infernities are sure to be a powerful force in today’s tournament, and Duelists everywhere are trying their best to gain a favorable matchup against them. I asked a bunch of today’s competitors which cards they’re using to help them beat Infernity Decks, and got a wide variety of responses. Check them out!

Obelisk the Tormentor and Light and Darkness Dragon. Using Hardened Armed Dragon with Obelisk is an instant scoop from the opponent. –Jake Wakid, 24

D.D. Crow in the Main Deck, Compulsory Evacuation Device and Delta Crow – Anti Reverse in the Side Deck. –Brian Buchholz, 25

Compulsory Evacuation Device in the Main Deck. D.D. Crow, Waboku, Dust Tornado and Consecrated Light in the Side Deck.” –Anthony Phillips, 18

Crevice into the Different Dimension, King Tiger Wanghu, and Consecrated Light, all in the Side Deck.” –Mark Salvador, 15

Royal Oppression and Consecrated Light. I Side Deck both of them. And maybe Royal Decree because they Set so much.” –Alex Wang, 20

“I’m Main Decking D.D. Crow and in my Side Deck I have Transmigration Prophecy.” –Jorde Hernandez, 21

“I’m playing Infernities so I’m not Main Decking anything against it. I Side Deck Transmigration Prophecy, Crevice, and D.D Crow.” – Hector Herez, 22

Prohibition to name Infernity Archfiend, Crevices, and Saber Hole.” –Jeff Beeke, 23

“I Side Deck Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer.” –Jarryd Kinz, 12

Banisher of the Radiance, Royal Oppression, Thunder King Rai-Oh, and Doomcaliber Knight” –Jourdon Serio, 19

D.D Crow, Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror, Consecrated Light, and Dust Tornado.” –Joe Santos, 22