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QQ: X-Sabers vs. Infernity – who wins?

May 15th, 2010

QQ stands for Quick Questions!

The Shining Darkness gave a huge boost to X-Sabers and Infernities and the question on a lot of Duelists’ minds is simple: which is better? I asked a bunch of Duelists playing in the tournament which Deck they think is better and why. Check out their responses.

“Probably X-Sabers because Infernities are too easy to Side Deck against.” –Jake Wakid, 24

“X-Sabers is better because they have the assets of hand destruction and Gottoms plays.” –Anthony Phillips, 18

“X-Sabers. I think Infernities are too inconsistent.” –Mark Salvador, 15

“X-Sabers because they have more Special Summon options. Darksoul is broken, too.” –Alex Wang, 20

“Infernities. I think they’re going to be the next Deck of the format.” –Jorde Hernandez, 21

“Infernities. It’s faster.” – Hector Herez, 22

“I like X-Sabers more, but I think Infernities are better because they work with no hand.” –Deniz Aytac, 19

“X-Sabers. The X-Sabers’ ability to manipulate the hands of the opponents is incredible.” –Brandan Davis, 17

“I think X-Sabers are better. I like their effects and how they work.” –Kashif Yousuf, 18

“Tied. I think they’re both very good.” –Adam Ward, 22

“Infernities. Infernities seem more consistent.” –Jarryd Kinz, 12

“Definitely X-Sabers. It’s so easy to play around Infernities, and X-Sabers have so many broken cards. Hyunlei is ridiculous. Darksoul is ridiculous.” –Jourdon Serio, 19

“Infernities, because 1 Launcher, 1 Archfiend, or 1 Mirage can start the whole combo to Summon 4 monsters.” –Joe Santos, 22

What do YOU think? Place your bets. Will X-Sabers finally have their day in the sun? Will Infernities stomp everybody? Will Quickdraw Dandywarrior triumph again? After tomorrow we’ll see which (if any!) of these Decks emerge victorious this weekend!