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Round 3 Feature Match: Lazaro Bellido vs. Wassim Yassine

May 15th, 2010

By pure coincidence, 2 Canadians were facing off here in Round 3! Wassim Yassine traveled here this weekend from Montreal, and the 16 year-old Duelist is 2-0 with his Flamvell Cat Deck. His opponent is former Canadian National Champion Lazaro Bellido, packing an Infernity Deck similar to Dale Bellido’s, which you can find here.

Bellido opened the match with a hand of Bottomless Trap Hole, Dark Grepher, Heavy Storm, Book of Moon, Solemn Judgment, and Infernity Launcher. He Set Bottomless as his only move.

Yassine Summoned Flamvell Firedog, and Bellido removed it with Bottomless Trap Hole. Yassine Set a card to his Spell & Trap Card Zone.

Bellido drew Foolish Burial, Set Book of Moon, and ended his turn.

Yassine Summoned a second Firedog next turn and attacked for 1900 damage.

Bellido drew another Book of Moon, and Set Dark Grepher.

When Firedog attacked again, Bellido stopped it by turning it face-down with his Set Book. Yassine ended his turn.

Bellido finally drew another monster: Infernity Necromancer. He activated Heavy Storm, destroying his opponent’s Bottomless Trap Hole. He then Set everything but Foolish Burial and Necromancer, activating Burial to send Infernity Archfiend to his Graveyard. He Normal Summoned Necromancer, switched it to Defense Position, and used its effect to Special Summon Infernity Archfiend! Archfiend got him Infernity Avenger from his Deck (an uncommon pick), he Flip Summoned Grepher to discard Avenger and send another Archfiend to his Graveyard, and he flipped over his Infernity Launcher, sending it to the Graveyard to Special Summon Avenger and another Archfiend! That Archfiend got him his second Infernity Launcher from his Deck, and he Tuned Infernity Necromancer, Infernity Avenger, and Infernity Archfiend together to Synchro Summon Hundred-Eyes Dragon! He used his next Launcher to Special Summon Avenger and Archfiend, and this time he got Infernity Barrier from his Deck. He Synchro Summoned Mist Wurm, bounced away his opponent’s monster with the Wurm’s effect, and removed Infernity Necromancer from his Graveyard to copy its ability with Hundred-Eyes Dragon! He Special Summoned Infernity Archfiend with Hundred-Eyes Dragon, got a second Barrier from his deck, and then attacked with everything for the win!

Lazaro Bellido gets off to a rocky start, but explodes to take the Duel with Hundred-Eyes Dragon! Both Duelists went straight for their Side Decks, and the second Duel started just moments later.

Lazaro Bellido

Yassine started the Duel with a Set monster, and a Set card to his Spell & Trap Card Zone. Bellido had a hand of Trap Dustshoot, Prohibition, Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter, Solemn Judgment, Infernity Archfiend, and Infernity Launcher. He Set Ryko, Set Trap Dustshoot, and ended.

Play was back to Yassine, who Summoned X-Saber Airbellum, but Bellido activated Trap Dustshoot, revealing Yassine’s hand of Legendary Jujitsu Master, Super-Nimble Mega Hamster, and 2 Books of Moon. Bellido sent Hamster back to Yassine’s Deck. That left Yassine to attack with Airbellum, flipping Bellido’s Ryko, and Bellido used its effect to destroy Yassine’s face-down Tuner’s Scheme. He sent Giant Trunade, Infernity Avenger, and Dust Tornado to his Graveyard for Ryko’s effect, leaving Yassine to Set a Spell or Trap.

Bellido drew another Infernity Archfiend. He Set Solemn, Set Prohibition, Set Launcher, and Summoned Archfiend. He activated his Set Launcher, discarded his second Archfiend, then sent Launcher to the Graveyard to Special Summon Avenger and his second Archfiend. Yassine had no response, and Bellido got another Launcher from his Deck! He Tuned all 3 of his monsters, Synchro Summoned Mist Wurm, and targeted Yassine’s Set monster, Hamster, and his Set Book of Moon, which he chained to turn Mist Wurm face-down. (Yassine could have used that Book to turn Avenger face-down. If he’d stopped the first Synchro Summon, he could’ve stopped them all.) Moments later, Bellido was using his second Launcher to get Archfiend and Avenger, and using them to Synchro Summon Magical Android. He brought them both back with his third Launcher, attacked with Android, Avenger, and Infernity Archfiend, and then Tuned Avenger to Magical Android to Synchro Summon Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier. Prohibition finished out the turn, with Bellido declaring Book of Moon as the prohibited card!

All Yassine could do was Set a monster on his turn, and next turn Bellido brought back his Archfiend and Avenger with Infernity Mirage! That got him Infernity Inferno, he discarded it for Brionac’s effect, and made direct attacks for the win.

Lazaro Bellido demonstrates the full power of Infernities, taking a 2-0 victory over Wassime Yassine!

Wassime Yassine

Post-Event Analysis!

See what our panel of experts had to say about this Duel after the event was over. 

Jason Grabher-Meyer (The Old Man of Dueling)
Book of Moon can be one of the most effective counters to an Infernity strategy. Infernity Duelists can’t reuse Infernity Archfiend’s effect if they can’t get it back to the Graveyard, so if you can use Book to deprive the Infernity Duelist of their face-up Tuners, you can escape the barrage of Infernity Launchers by keeping Archfiend trapped on the field. Yassine had Book of Moon Set in the first Duel, but didn’t use it to turn Bellido’s Infernity Avenger face-down when he had the chance. By the time he activated Book to target Mist Wurm, it was too late.

Michael Kohanim (2009 World Championship Competitor)
In both Duels of the Match, Bellido was able to start a long chain of Special Summons using Infernity Launcher. If Yassine had D.D. Crow in his hand, he could have disrupted Bellido’s combo and most likely won the Duel. D.D. Crow is likely to see a lot more play in Duelists’ Main Decks and Side Decks in the future. It can disrupt the Infernity Deck’s combos, and even stop X-Saber Duelists from successfully using Gottoms’ Emergency Call.

P.J. Tierney (Duelist from across The Pond)
Prohibition was an unusual card to see in Bellido’s Deck in Duel 2. Since it’s a Continuous Spell Card, it can be destroyed by several cards, such as Dust Tornado, Heavy Storm and Mystical Space Typhoon. However, if it stays on the field, it can be used to prevent any card you want from being played. It’s quite easy to protect Prohibition in an Infernity Deck though, since you have Solemn Judgment, Infernity Barrier, and maybe even Starlight Road and Stardust Dragon to keep it safe.

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