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Tech Update: The Shining Darkness cards

May 15th, 2010

Duelists from around the world are here today to compete in the first of the newly re-named Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series, and each of them brought their top skills and creativity to gain an edge over the competition. Some of them are using Decks that are being played competitively for the first time, like Infernities Other Duelists have teched out their Deck with the newest cards from The Shining Darkness to improve their chances. Check out 5 of the latest tech choices being used here in Chantilly.

1.) Intercept Wave

With the increasing popularity of Synchro Monsters in Decks like X-Sabers, Quickdraw Dandywarrior, and Infernity, Intercept Wave is the perfect counter. Not only will Intercept Wave block all of your opponent’s attacks from Synchro monsters by switching them to Defense Position, it will also send them back to your opponent’s Extra Deck in the End Phase! Intercept Wave eliminates your opponent’s most intimidating monsters and even prevents them from reaching the Graveyard where they can fuel Pot of Avarice. Since Intercept Wave sends Synchro Monsters to the Extra Deck instead of destroying them, it can even take down Stardust Dragon! Even though Intercept Wave only switches Synchro Monsters to Defense Position when it’s activated, it still sends all Synchro Monsters your opponent Summons later that turn back to his Extra Deck. Many Duelists are Side Decking Intercept Wave to defeat the Blackwing Decks, Quickdraw Decks, X-Saber Decks, and other Synchro-based Decks in today’s tournament.

2.) Crevice into the Different Dimension

There’s no doubt about it – Infernities are going to be a powerful force in today’s tournament. That’s why Duelists are trying everything they can to devise the perfect strategy that will defeat them. Crevice into the Different Dimension can remove 2 monsters with the same Attribute from your opponent’s Graveyard. Removing both of the DARK monsters your opponent wants to bring back with Infernity Launcher or even a single Infernity Archfiend your opponent wants to revive with Infernity Mirage can be game-breaking. Disrupting your opponent’s combo can leave him without any plays to make. Crevice into the Different Dimension can also be used to stop X-Saber Duelists from Special Summoning 2 X-Sabers with Gottoms’ Emergency Call, since Crevice can be chained to remove 2 X-Sabers from play. It can also stop your opponent from resolving Pot of Avarice by removing from play 2 of the 5 monsters your opponent wants to send back to his Deck.

3.) Spore

Quickdraw Dandywarrior Decks are here in full force after their recent SHONEN JUMP Championship win in Edison, but that doesn’t mean the Decklists are all the same. Some Duelists have chosen to include Spore in their Decks. Spore is a Tuner that can Special Summon itself from the Graveyard by removing from play a Plant-Type monster that’s in there. Since it gains the Level of the Plant-Type monster that was removed, removing Dandylion to Special Summon it turns it into a Level 4 Tuner! That’s perfect for Setting up the strong Synchro Summons that already make Quickdraw Dandywarrior Decks so popular.

4.) Genex Neutron

Spore isn’t the only card from The Shining Darkness that can be thrown into Quickdraw Dandywarrior Decks. Genex Neutron is an 1800 ATK monster that lets you search your Deck for a Machine-Type Tuner during the End Phase of the turn it’s Summoned. That means you can Summon it first turn and grab a free Quickdraw Synchron from your Deck during the End Phase. Genex Neutron can also fetch Black Salvo, giving Duelists a reliable way to search it out from the Deck. Previously, only Sangan was used to get Black Salvo after Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive went to the Graveyard. But now, Genex Neutron provides Duelists with an 1800 ATK body that can grab Black Salvo for free. Genex Neutron gives the Salvo engine a big boost.

5.) Corridor of Agony

Even with so many new Decks rising to the top of the competitive scene, Gladiator Beasts remain a viable force. But Corridor of Agony tries to change that. Corridor of Agony is a Continuous Spell Card that prevents monsters that are Special Summoned from the Main Deck from attacking or activating their effects. Their effects are also negated. That makes all tagged-in Gladiator Beasts powerless! Luckily for Gladiator Beast Duelists, they can still destroy Corridor of Agony with Gladiator Beast Gyzarus, since it isn’t Special Summoned from the Main Deck. They can also destroy it with card choices like Dust Tornado and Breaker the Magical Warrior. Corridor of Agony may be working against Gladiator Beasts, but there’s a good chance they still have what it takes to make it near the top of tournament.