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More News from WCQ – Central America

June 19th, 2010

At the World Championship Qualifier – Central America, down in Guadalajara, players are grinding through the Last Chance Qualifiers to try and get one of the few remaining seats in the championship event.

The Last Chance winner breakdown so far is 5 X-Saber winners, 1 Frog Monarch winner, 1 Machina Gadget winner, and 1 Lightsworn winner. And the grinding goes on…

Amo de las Armaduras Alanegra

David Burciaga won the first Giant Card to be printed in a language besides English. Fittingly enough, he won it with his Blackwing Deck. This is the first Attack of the Giant Card!! ever held in Latin America. Take a look at his enormous Amo de las Armaduras Alanegra (that’s Blackwing Armor Master in Spanish!).



Dragon Duel Mexico

Meanwhile, the Dragon Duel event (for Duelists age 12 & under) was a big hit, and marked the debut of the new Dragon Duel winner’s T-Shirt, featuring Stardust Dragon! Don’t worry, this exclusive T-shirt prize will be available at other Dragon Duel events too, since it’s part of the standard prize package now.

Some of the competitors were in area and didn’t even know a tournament was going on, so they just picked up copies of Starter Deck – Duelist Toolbox and entered the event.

Ruben Gonzalez took the Dragon Duel title this weekend, and walked home with a portable mp3 player as part of his prizes. Other finalists got prizes like binders and Game Mats, too.



Universal Anime & Comics

Some of the Dragon Duel finalists play at Universal Anime & Comics, right here in Guadalajara. They asked us to send all young Duelists in the area an open invitation to come and join them for Duelist League in the store!