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More Stories from Mexico

June 20th, 2010

As the final rounds proceed here at the World Championship Qualifier – Central America, we’ve been talking to the Duelists who are eliminated from the event, to find out their stories.


Marco Antonio Lara Rojas didn’t quite make it to the Mexican National, but he really wanted to compete at the WCQ, so he took part in 3 Last Chance Qualifiers on Saturday before finally making it through! Sadly for Marco, his X-Saber Deck didn’t make it past the Top 16. But it was the first time he took part in a tournament higher than a Regional, and he had the greatest time. And he loves his new Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Game Mat. (Look – they color coordinate!)



Esteban Jose Chi, the Costa Rican National Champion, didn’t quite make the cut with his Caliber Cat Deck, and placed 24th. He’s been playing since the game came out, wasn’t expecting soooo many people at the Central American WCQ, and was thrilled to meet so many Duelists from around Central America.



Galileo de Obaldia (on the right), from Panama, who made it to the Top 8 of the Continental Championship last year, made it to the Top 8 again this year with his X-Saber Deck. He thought that the event was AWESOME, but the level of the players was just so high. Since he was playing with an X-Saber Deck, he thinks that X-Sabers will win today! Pictured with him is Jose Cordoba (left), the Panamanian National Champion, who sadly didn’t make it to the Top 16.