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QQ: Are you Main Decking D.D. Crow?

June 20th, 2010

One of the most talked-about tech choices these days is D.D. Crow. We hit the floor to ask a range of competitors whether or not they were Main Decking D.D. Crow and if so, how many they were running.

“I main deck Crow, and I Side one more. I think Crevice in the Different Dimension is better than Crow, after siding.” -Jessy Samek

“Yes. Just one, I’m siding two.” -David Sanville

“Yes. I haven’t decided yet: probably just 1.” -Blake Stubbs

“I am not maining D.D. Crow. Herald of Perfection does all the pre-negating I need!” -Jeff Jones

“I am not. I’m playing Gladiator Beasts.” -Shane Davis

“Yes, just one. I’m not side decking more.” -Jimmy Kenzie

“No. I’m playing Monarchs, so I need to draw the Monarchs more. Monarchs are slow enough as is.” -Eric Wynn

“Yes. One. I’m siding the other two.” -Billy Brake

“Not at the moment, but I side three.” -Austin Kulman

“No, I’m playing Heralds.” -Jehanzab Siddiqui

The field was largely split on the Crow issue, although D.D. Crow is strong against X-Sabers, Infernities, and Quickdraw Dandywarrior. We’ll have to see what the finalists’ Deck lists look like.