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QQ: What Will Win This Weekend?

June 19th, 2010

QQ stands for Quick Questions!

As the collective group of Duelists stirred itself to consciousness today, we kicked things off with the most basic question of all: what’s gonna take the title this weekend? We asked a spread of Duelists for their opinion. Here’s what they said:

“X-Sabers have a really good shot at winning, because the Deck’s seen a really big increase in numbers.  But if certain players run Herald, I think Herald will win.”-Jeff Jones

“I guess it’d be X-Sabers. It’s consistent: it doesn’t revolve around one card.  It’s a true combo deck.”-Jessy Samek

“Sabers, cause they have the best Side Deck, and they’re one of the few Decks that don’t lose to just a single card in the Side.”-David Sanville

“I dunno. There are so many good Decks this weekend, it’s tough to predict.  I think X-Sabers have a strong shot, just because they can turn something out of nothing.” -Blake Stubbs

“Based off what I’ve heard, since I’ve been out of serious competition for about 8 months, Infernities have a really top chance.  Sabers are pretty high up there, with their consistency.  Frog FTK is getting some hype but I doubt it’ll do well.  I’d probably have to go with Infernities.” -Shane Davis

“I think Infernities or Fairies.  I think they’re the best – Infernities can pull off stuff quick, but Herald of Perfection negates all that.” -Jimmy Kenzie

“I don’t know if a lot of people will run it, but I think Monster Mash has a good chance. I’ve been watching that, and it’s been winning a lot of stuff.  Lightsworn could win, too.  The past Regionals we’ve been to, Lightsworn has been smashing people too.” -Eric Wynn

“What do I think’ll win tomorrow?  This thing,” pointing at his opponent’s deck as he playtested: Herald of Perfection. -Carlo Perez

“X-Sabers, they’re good.  They’re explosive, and they can dump someone’s hand in one turn.” -Austin Kulman