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QQ: What’s Hot in Gold Series 3?

June 19th, 2010

QQ stands for Quick Questions!

We’re just days away from the release of Gold Series 3, and Duelists are eagerly waiting to collect Gold Rare versions of their favorite cards. I surveyed today’s competitors to find out which cards they’re most excited to see in Gold Series 3. Check out their responses!

Stardust Dragon.” –Matt Hoey

Blackwing Armor Master. I love Blackwings and it gives more availability for people to build the Deck.” –Roy St. Clair

Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind. It’s one of my favorite Blackwings.” –Bobby Chambers

Thunder King Rai-Oh. They’re too expensive right now.” –Jerry Hemphill

Dimensional Alchemist. It’s the best remove-from-play card.” –Kirk Hamilton

“It’s definitely tied between Gold Icarus Attack and Gold Mystical Space Typhoon. They’re gonna look beautiful.” –Josh Almeida

“Definitely Icarus Attack. The Super Rare one was hard to get a hold of. This one will be easy for everyone to get. It’ll make it easy for kids to start playing Blackwings, too.” –Henry Li

Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind. It’s going to look sweet.” –Mike Esquenazi

“I want the Gold Stardust Dragon because Stardust is so hard to get now.” –Eric Wynn

Blackwing Armor Master, because it’ll make Blackwings easier to make.” –Kevin Ward

“I want the Icarus Attack. I like Blackwings and think it’ll look cool with the orange and gold colors.” –Philip Kampa

Blackwing Armor Master. He’s a Blackwing!” –Jalan Davis

Icarus Attack. I want to play it in my Deck.” –Abel Ocampo

Almost a clean sweep for Blackwings in this survey! In just 4 days, the wait will finally be over. All of these Duelists will be able to pick up their favorite Gold Rares and build shinier Decks than ever before.