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QQ: What’s your favorite KM?

June 19th, 2010

With a lot of our Quick Questions this weekend focused on the shape of present competition, we switched gears to have a little fun! We asked our QQ interviewees a question some of them had never heard: What’s your favorite Koa’ki Meiru?

“I guess it has to be Urnight! It’s the best one by far. You draw it, you’re in good shape.” – Jessy Samek

“I gueeeeess… I guess Guardian? I like Doomcaliber Knight, and it’s just a better Doomcaliber Knight for Koa’ki Meiru.” He paused a moment. “Oh no, I lied! Urnight is my favorite one!” – Jeff Jones

“I think it’s Drago.” – Shane Davis

“Urnight! I think he looks sweet.” – Jimmy Kenzie

“I like Drago. Because Infernities are DARK, and Lightsworn’s good again. Drago’s good against both.” – Eric Wynn

“Probably Urnight. The card’s ridiculous, just to summon Prototypes and stuff.” – Billy Brake

“Drago, cause I used to run it in my Dragon deck.” – Austin Kulman

“Bergzak! It’s got a funny name.” – Carlo Perez

Koa’ki Meiru Ice.” – Jehanzab Siddiqui

“The only one I know… wait, I know two of them! The Doomcaliber Knight guy [he means Koa’ki Meiru Guardian], and the 1900 Dragon guy [he means Koa’ki Meiru Drago]. I think the Dragon is good in the current field, and I think Dragons are good, so yeah – that one.” -David Sanville

Alot of Duelists chose Koa’ki Meiru Drago and Koa’ki Meiru Guardian, two monsters that often see play outside dedicated Koa’ki Meiru Decks. But other Duelists were sharp enough to appreciate the power of Koa’ki Meiru Urnight, which can Special Summon almost any other Koa’ki Meiru monster. Siddiqui’s answer of Koa’ki Meiru Ice showed a lot of insight too: it’s a powerful monster that can blow away the strongest Special Summons. Overall, the answers showed a clear divide between Duelists who splashed Koa’ki Meiru, and those willing to consider running a dedicated Deck.