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Raffle Playoffs Feature Match: Edward Adams vs. Tyler Forrester

June 20th, 2010

At every Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship, four lucky Duelists who competed in Public Events over the weekend are randomly selected for the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to Duel in a 4-person Playoff, with the winner receiving a Super Rare set of the Darklord Prize Cards!

Edward Adams and Tyler Forrester were 2 of the lucky competitors this weekend. While Adams was playing a Lockdown Burn Deck, Forrester was running Infernities.

Forrester started the Match, setting a Spell or Trap Card.

Adams had Smashing Ground, Brain Control, Scrap-Iron Scarecrow, Gravity Bind, Messenger of Peace, and Night Assailant. He Set Assailant, Set Gravity Bind, and ended. In the End Phase, Forrester activated Infernity Inferno, discarding Gorz the Emissary of Darkness and D.D. Crow to send Infernity Archfiend and Infernity Necromancer to his Graveyard from his Deck.

Forrester activated Heavy Storm next turn, destroying Gravity Bind. He activated Infernity Launcher, Set a Spell or Trap, and Summoned Dark Grepher, then sent Launcher to his Graveyard to Special Summon Archfiend and Necromancer back to the field. The Archfiend’s effect got him Infernity Beetle, and he discarded the Beetle for Dark Grepher’s effect, sending Plaguespreader Zombie from his Deck to his Graveyard. He used Infernity Necromancer’s effect to Special Summon the Beetle, Tributed it, and Special Summoned 2 more Beetles from his Deck. Then he Tuned Beetle, Grepher, and Necromancer together for Mist Wurm, sending his opponent’s Set Night Assailant back to his hand. Archfiend and Mist Wurm made direct attacks, and Forrester ended his turn.

Adams was down to 3700 Life Points. He drew Dandylion, and activated Brain Control to try and take Mist Wurm, but Forrester Chained Infernity Barrier to negate it. Adams destroyed Mist Wurm with Smashing Ground, Set Night Assailant, Set Scrap-Iron Scarecrow, and activated Messenger of Peace.

Forrester drew, Set a card to his back row, and ended.

Adams drew Heavy Storm, paid for Messenger of Peace, and Flip Summoned Night Assailant to destroy Infernity Archfiend. Assailant then attacked, destroying Beetle. Adams Set Dandylion to finish the turn, but lost his Scrap-Iron Scarecrow to Dust Tornado.

Forrester Set the monster he drew and ended.

Adams drew Enemy Controller, Set it, and turned Night Assailant to Defense Position.

Forrester drew Infernity Archfiend next turn, and Special Summoned it with its effect to search out Infernity Launcher! He activated it, then sent it to the Graveyard to Special Summon Infernity Necromancer and Infernity Beetle from his Graveyard. He activated Necromancer’s effect, Special Summoned his second Archfiend, and used its effect to get another Launcher. He Tuned Necromancer, Beetle, and Archfiend for Mist Wurm, sending everything but Night Assailant back to his opponent’s Deck. Adams Chained Enemy Controller, Tributing Assailant to take control of Mist Wurm. The next Infernity Launcher got Forrester back his Necromancer and Beetle, and Necromancer got him Archfiend. Archfiend searched Infernity Mirage from his Deck, he Flip Summoned Infernity Avenger, and Synchro Summoned Stardust Dragon. Archfiend and Beetle were then Tuned together for Goyo Guardian. Goyo attacked Mist Wurm, destroying it, and Stardust Dragon attacked for victory!

Tyler Forrester was just 1 win away from the Finals! Both competitors made extensive use of their Side Decks before starting the second Duel.

Adams started off with a hand of Heavy Storm, 2 Enemy Controllers, Dimensional Prison, Threatening Roar, and Level Limit – Area B. He Set Roar, Set Controller, and ended.

Forrester Summoned Dark Grepher, activating its effect to discard Infernity Beetle, sending Infernity Archfiend to his Graveyard. Grepher attacked, and Adams took the damage. Forrester Set 2 cards to his back row and ended.

Adams drew Plaguespreader Zombie. He Set it, Set Dimensional Prison, and ended.

Forrester tried to remove the face-down Plaguespreader Zombie from the game with Nobleman of Crossout next turn, but Adams Chained Enemy Controller, Tributing Plaguespreader Zombie to take control of Dark Grepher and get Plaguespreader into the Graveyard. Forrester followed up with Heavy Storm, but Adams Chained Threatening Roar! Forrester lost his own Book of Moon and Infernity Inferno to Heavy Storm. He ended, and took back his Grepher.

Adams drew and Set Stealth Bird. He Set a Spell or Trap, then activated Level Limit – Area B, turning Grepher to Defense Position.

Forrester discarded Infernity Beetle for Grepher’s effect, sending Infernity Archfiend to his Graveyard, and activated Infernity Launcher. That got him Infernity Beetle and Infernity Archfiend, and he got Infernity Necromancer with Archfiend. He Summoned it, Synchro Summoned Mist Wurm, and sent all 3 of his opponent’s cards back to his hand, turning Mist Wurm to Defense Position.

Adams took Mist Wurm with Brain Control, dropping to 5500 Life Points. He returned Heavy Storm back to the top of his Deck to Special Summon Plaguespreader, and Normal Summoned Stealth Bird. He Tuned Plaguespreader Zombie to Stealth Bird, Synchro Sumoned Magical Android, and Tributed Mist Wurm for Enemy Controller, taking Dark Grepher. He then attacked for a combined total of 3900 damage, activated Level Limit – Area B, and turned everything to Defense Position. He ended, handed back Grepher, and gained 600 Life Points.

Forrester Summoned Infernity Mirage, activated its effect, and got Infernity Beetle and Infernity Necromancer. Necromancer got him Archfiend, Archfiend got him Infernity Launcher, and he Synchro Summoned another Mist Wurm to bounce away Level Limit and the Android. He shifted Grepher to Attack Position, used Infernity Launcher, and brought back Beetle, Necromancer, and then Archfiend. Archfiend got him another Launcher, Beetle and Archfiend made Goyo Guardian, and Launcher brought back Beetle. He Tuned it to Necromancer for Ally of Justice Catastor and attacked with everything for the win!

Tyler Forrester is headed to the Finals, to play for a shot at a Super Rare set of the Darklords!


Post-Event Analysis!
See what our panel of experts had to say about this Duel after the event was over. 

Jason Grabher-Meyer (The Old Man of Dueling)
Whenever you use your Side Deck, the cards you Side out are just as important as the cards you Side in. Always think about which cards aren’t useful against certain Decks. For instance, it looked like Adams sided in Threatening Roar – a good call against a Deck like Infernities that usually tries to win in one turn. However, he left in Dimensional Prison. It wasn’t very useful, because most Infernity Duelists don’t attack until the field is cleared, or everything’s locked down with Infernity Barrier and Solemn Judgment. If a card doesn’t seem useful, Side it out before Game 2.

Michael Kohanim (2009 World Championship Competitor)
Lots of Adams’ cards meant to lock down his opponent, including Gravity Bind, Messenger of Peace, and Scrap-Iron Scarecrow, won’t stop an OTK from an Infernity Deck like Forrester’s. Since Forrester can just send these cards all back to Adams’s hand with Mist Wurm before attacking for the win, Side Deck cards like Consecrated Light and Crevice into the Different Dimension are still more effective at locking down Infernity Duelists.

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