Round 8: Top 10 Tables

June 19th, 2010

The final round of Day 1 has begun, and 20 Duelists currently shine above all others. Check out the Decks and players currently sitting at the top 10 tables.

Table 1: Bobby Chambers (Blackwings) vs. Andrew Scovern (X-Sabers)

Table 2: Androw Lindskog (Herald) vs. Chris Bryson (Gladiators)

Table 3: Nehemias Diaz (X-Sabers) vs. Evan Jones (Infernities)

Table 4: Omar Beldon (Infernities) vs. David Hopfensperger (Infernities)

Table 5: Stefano Zmirich (Frog Monarchs) vs. Billy Brake (X-Sabers)

Table 6: Sean McCabe (X-Sabers) vs. Tyler Rice (Frog Monarchs)

Table 7: Grant Kelly (Synchro Cat) vs. Carolyn Colajezzi (X-Sabers)

Table 8: Justin Crubaugh (Frog Monarchs) vs. Dharmish Patel (Frog FTK)

Table 9: Elijah Gersten (Gladiators) vs. Austin Kulman (X-Sabers)

Table 10: William Cadden (Gladiators) vs. Luis Aldama (Gladiators)

There’s a total of 6 X-Sabers Decks, 4 Gladiator Beast Decks, 3 Infernity Decks, 3 Frog Monarch Decks, 1 Synchro Cat Deck, 1 Frog FTK Deck, 1 Herald of Perfection Deck, and 1 Blackwing Deck at the top 10 tables. These numbers can give us great insight into what we can expect in tomorrow’s competition, but there’s still a lot to be determined. There are still 2 more rounds to be played out tomorrow, before cutting to a Top 32. X-Sabers are in the lead, but with 8 different Decks at the top 10 tables, including a lone Blackwing Deck at Table 1, it’s anyone’s game to win. Tomorrow, we’ll name a champion for the Chicago Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series and see which Decks make it to the very top.