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The Latest News from Mexico

June 20th, 2010

As the YCS in Chicago proceeded through the Top 32 playoffs, the Top 16 was getting underway at the World Championship Qualifier for Central America.

Here’s the breakdown of Decks in the Top 16, heading into the finals in Guadalajara, Mexico:
7 X-Saber
4 Flamvell Cat
2 Blackwings
1 Lightsworn
1 Machina Gadget
1 Monarch Deck
Top 16 - Central America

Top 16 - Central America 2

Duelists who didn’t make the final cut are already heading off to the Public Events still being run, including 2011 Regional Qualifiers, Go for the Gold, the Tin Challenge, and Win-A-Mat events.


One of the nice things about the Tin Challenge is that, as a sealed play event, you don’t even have to bring a Deck with you to compete, or don’t feel like using your regular Deck.

It does mean, however, that you have to read a lot of cards you’re not used to playing with! Take a look at these Duelists studiously studying their Tin contents to build their 20-card Deck:

Tin Challenge


Meet Eduardo Edir Alcarez Alvarez! He’s a first-timer at a major tournament outside of his local store, but was skilled enough to walk away with the second Win-A-Mat awarded at this WCQ, playing his Herald of Perfection Deck!

Eduardo Edir Alcarez Alvarez