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WCQ – South America: Top 4

June 27th, 2010

Most of the Public Events have wrapped up here in Lima, Peru. Let’s take a look at some of the results!

A total of 10 Last Chance Qualifiers were held, with Peru in the lead at 5 wins (yes, they made up for the lack of Win-A-Mat victories!), Ecuador had 3 qualify, and Chile had 2.  In terms of Win-A-Mats, it was close between Brazil and Chile – both countries had 3 each, Argentina had 2, and Colombia and Ecuador won 1 each.  Brazil and Peru took home complete sets of Gold Series 3 and Duelist Pack – Kaiba from Go For the Gold.

Two ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! Events were played, with the clear favorite being the giant-sized Drill Warrior. Players are looking forward to getting a Drill Warrior in the upcoming Duelist Revolution Special Edition! We also had a Spanish-language XX-Saber Emmersblade up for grabs!

In the Main Event, heading into the Top 16, almost every single country that participated had a Duelist!!  How’s that for a truly international flavor!!  Ecuador, Chile and Venezuela had 1 Duelist each, Argentina and Bolivia (Ariel Quispe Llana from Bolivia is undefeated after Swiss rounds) had 2 Duelists each, Brazil had 4 players and Peru had 5.

And what type of Decks are all these players playing? There was 1 Lightsworn, 1 Zombie deck (running 3 Pashuuls), 1 Gemini / Skill Drain, 2 Gladiator Beast Decks, 2 Blackwings, 2 X-Sabers, 3 Frog OTK and 4 Infernities!

The Top 4 is starting now, with these Duelists remaining:

Juan Pablo Vera (Argentina), playing Frog OTK

Wilson Tafur (Peru), playing Infernities

Walter Farfan (Peru), playing X-Sabers

Santos Tenorio (Bolivia), playing Lightsworn