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QQ: Favorite in TU3?

July 11th, 2010

QQ stands for Quick Questions! The list of cards in Turbo Pack: Booster Three has finally been released and it’s a big hit here in Minnesota! I asked a bunch of Duelists what their favorite card from Turbo Pack 3 is. Check out some of the responses.

Rescue Cat, of course!” –Mason Broussard

“Rare Gladiator Beast Retiari. I want to build an all non-foil Gladiator Beast Deck.” –Adrian Gallardo

“Probably Super Rare Cat.” –Tyler Lee

“Rare XX-Saber Faultroll. It’s just a good card.” –Nathan Martinez

Treacherous Trap Hole.” –Ian Spiegel-Blum

“Kitty. It’s a foil.” -Chris Taporco

“Ultimate Caius. I just like it.” -Alexander Crawford

“Ultimate Caius. It looks cool and I play 3 of them.” -Edward Adams

“I like the Super Rescue Cat because I want one.” –Tyler Tadeo

“Ultra Rare Dark Grepher. I just like Dark Grepher.” –Will Read

“Super Rare Rescue Cat. It looks really cool.” -Matt Kozarsky

“Rare Faultroll. It looks good.” –Mark Lundin

“Rare Faultroll. Faultroll’s a really good card, and everyone else is saying Rescue Cat.” -Theerasak Poonsombat

Rescue Cat appears to be a big favorite in Turbo Pack: Booster Three, while the rare Faultroll and Ultimate Rare Caius also appear to be popular. You can get your own copies off these cards in packs of Turbo Pack: Booster Three at your local Official Tournament Store, starting this month.