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QQ: Favorites in HA2?

July 11th, 2010

With the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Duel Terminals here today firing out Duel Terminal Volume 2 cards non-stop, there’s been a lot of discussion about Hidden Arsenal 2. It will have some great cards for Decks like Flamvell, Mist Valley, and Genex, plus new monster themes like the Fableds, Jurracs, and Naturias. With such a wide variety of cards, we were compelled to ask Duelists in attendance today about their favorite card from Hidden Arsenal 2!

Naturia Beast. It can stop your opponent’s entire turn without really costing anything. Depending on the Deck you’re using, sending cards to the Graveyard can be really helpful.” -Igor Martin, Bridgeport, CT

“I like the Fableds!” -Nathan Fitzgerald, Rochester, MN

“Proably Naturia Beast. It makes Synchro Cat really good, and it works well in X-Sabers.”-Nick Anderbery, Harrisburg, PA

“I guess Ally of Justice Field Marshall. I like the Ally of Justice Synchros, I think they’re cool.”

-Evan Stutman, Denver, CO

“The cover card, Dewloren.”-Harris Josey, Birmingham, AL

“My favorite card from Hidden Arsenal 2 has to be Naturia Beast. The effect is good!”-Jesus Santos, Buffalo, NY

Naturia Beast. It’s crazy negations for Spell Cards, and it’s just a really good card!”-Nolan Benson, Milwaukee, WI

“Probably Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier! I saw it originally in the early Frog Decks, and I really wanted to play it in that.”-Richard Richey, Kansas City, MO

Jurrac Velo. C’ause Jurracs are awesome. And ‘Jurrac’ is a cool name.” -Will Priesling, Orlando, FL

“I’m trying to remember most of the set… I guess it would probably have to be Naturia Beast. It’s easy to get out, you can play it with Rescue Cat, it’s just so easy.” -Aaron Thompson, Fargo, ND

Naturia Beast. I like the Naturias! They’re really cool.” -Joe Horth, Taylor, MI

Fabled Grimro.” -Jay Horning, Ames, IA

“I like Naturia Beast. It’s worth a lot! And it’s really broken.” -Jeremy Renda, Burnsville, MN

“My favorite is definitely Ally of Justice Field Marshall!” -Elijah Martincek, Atlanta, GA

“I love Naturia Beast. It’s so useful!” -Christian Colon, Peurto Rico

“I’m really excited about Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier. It makes some crazy combos with Frogs, and gives some support that a few Decks really need.” -Darryl Gessler, Milwaukee, WI

“Definitely Naturia Beast. It’s very abusable. Synchro Cat is still a really good option.” -John Richey, Kansas City, MO

Naturia Beast. It makes a lot of archetypes better.” -Cesar Gonzalez, Des Moines, IA

There’s definitely a healthy interest in a variety of cards from Hidden Arsenal 2. Fableds and Jurracs seem to have a dedicated fan base here this weekend, as does Ally of Justice Field Marshall, a card that saw quite a bit of discussion over in the Public Events area yesterday. But the number 1 pick, hands-down, was definitely Naturia Beast! Easy to Summon thanks to Rescue Cat, and packing a game-shaping effect that can dominate a Duel from turn 1 onwards, Naturia Beast seems set to have a big impact come July 20th!