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QQ: How Much Rai-Oh?

July 11th, 2010

QQ stands for Quick Questions! There’s no doubt about it: Thunder King Rai-Oh is one of the hottest cards in the room. Duelists everywhere are playing it. A lot of Gladiator Beast and X-Saber Decks are Main Decking it, while many other Decks are Side Decking it. I’ve asked several players how many copies of Rai-Oh they’re using this weekend to see just how popular it has been. Check out some of the responses.

“1 in the Main Deck and 1 in the Side Deck” –Adrian Gallardo

“3 in the Main Deck of my Stun Deck.” –Tyler Lee

“1 in the Main Deck and 2 in the Side Deck of X-Sabers.” –Nathan Martinez

“1 in the Main Deck, 2 in the Side Deck of X-Sabers.” –Ian Spiegel-Blum

“2 in X-Sabers. It’s so good.” –Chris Taporco

“0 in Dimensional Eatos” –Ben Mcdowall

“3 in anti-meta.” –Alexander Crawford

“0 in Machinas.” –Alexi Simpson

“0 in Monarchs.” –Edward Adams

“I Side Deck 3 in Gladiator Beasts.” –Tyler Tadeo

“0 in Infernities.” –Peter Nguyen

“2 in my Side Deck. I’m running X-Sabers.” –Will Read

“3 in X-Sabers.” –Matt Kozarsky

“2 in X-Sabers.” –Mark Lundin

“3 in the Side Deck of X-Sabers.” –Theerasak Poonsombat

Thunder King Rai-Oh is all over the place in different numbers. Players all around the tournament are running between 0 and 3 copies in a wide range of Decks. It’s a powerful card whose niche hasn’t been solidified. The Top 32 may give us a better indication of which Decks Thunder King Rai-Oh works best in.