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Saturday’s Pegasus League Winners

July 11th, 2010

Duelists eagerly awaited sign-ups to compete in the Pegasus League Deck Challenges offered throughout the day, knowing it would secure them some Turbo Packs and a chance at obtaining a Super Rare Rescue Cat.

The current Pegasus League format requires Duelists to build a 40-card Deck with exactly these rarities:
20 Rare Cards
8 Commons
6 Super Rares
2 Ultra Rares
2 Gold Rares
2 Secret Rares

While many Duelists entered with whatever legal Decks they could assemble at the last minute, others thoroughly prepared to compete in this event. Check out which Decks and Duelists won some of Saturday’s Pegasus League Deck Challenges.

Tom Luebke won the first Pegasus League Flight of the day with his Blackwing Deck, beating Infernities in the finals to claim his 4 free Turbo Packs. His Deck sports Rare copies of Blackwing – Bora the Spear (from the 2009 Duelist League) and Super Rare copies of Icarus Attack (from Dark Revelation 4), allowing him to run the best Blackwing Deck he could imagine for the event. His dedication to the event paid off, as he pulled his favorite card from the Turbo Pack – the Super Rare Rescue Cat.

Matt Kozarsky traveled here from New York and won Pegasus League Flight #3 with his Gladiator Beast Deck by beating another Gladiator Beast Deck in the Finals. The Rare XX-Saber Faultroll was his favorite card he pulled. He enjoyed playing in the Pegasus League and spent weeks thinking about his Deck and gathering the cards to run it. It paid off with his victory!

Jackson Tran won Pegasus League Flight #4 with his Infernity Deck, scoring 4 free packs of Turbo Pack: Booster Three. He beat a Warrior Deck in the finals, proudly claiming a victory without any Pegasus League practice prior to the tournament. He hasn’t opened his 4 Turbo Packs yet, but he’s hoping to pull a Rescue Cat more than any other card.

George Ashi, age 15 from Southern Califorrnia, won Pegasus League Flight #6 with his Gladiator Beast Deck, by beating an Infernity Duelist in the finals. Everyone he beat pulled a foil, including 2 opponents who pulled copies of Rescue Cat, but Ashi pulled 6 rares total between his entry packs and prize packs. Looks like George Ashi is good luck for his opponents! But it wasn’t a total loss – check out that sweet Rare copy of Gladiator Beast Retiari he’s holding in his photo. He pulled it in an earlier Pegasus League flight and included it in his Deck for Flight #6, freeing up a Secret Rare slot in his Deck.

Marc Balan won Pegasus League Flight #9, the last of the day, with his Infernity Deck. He beat a Dragon Deck featuring Koa’ki Meiru Drago in the finals. His favorite card he pulled from Turbo Pack: Booster Three was the Super Rare Morphtronic Celphon. He enjoyed playing in the Pegasus League Deck Challenge and remarked on how much effort he needed to put into building a Deck with exactly 20 Rares in it.

The variation in the Pegasus League Deck Challenge was impressive. Gladiator Beasts, Infernities, and Blackwings all claimed at least one victory, while several other Decks managed to make it to the Top 4 and beyond. Take a look at the Deck construction rules for the current Pegasus League format and see how creative you can make your Deck!

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