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Turbo Pack 3 unveiled!

July 10th, 2010

Turbo Pack: Booster Three is finally here, and Duelists competing in today’s Pegasus League Deck Challenge and Dragon Duels will be the first to get their hands on it. Long-awaited foils like Rescue Cat make their debut in this new Turbo Pack, while many competitive cards were reprinted so they’d be easier to get. Take a look at the set list:

Ultimate Rare (1):

Caius the Shadow Monarch


Ultra Rare (1):

Dark Grepher


Super Rares (4):

Rescue Cat

Morphtronic Celfon

Treacherous Trap Hole



Rares (6):

Dark Eruption

Magical Android

Gladiator Beast Retiari

XX-Saber Faultroll

XX-Saber Ragigura

Saber Slash


Commons (9):

Nobleman of Crossout

Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

Destiny Hero – Diamond Dude

D.D. Crow

Cloak and Dagger

Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth

Gladiator Beast War Chariot


Koa’ki Meiru Drago


Turbo Pack: Booster Three brings us some of the most highly anticipated reprints for all kinds of different Decks:

A normal Rare version of Gladiator Beast Retiari plus a Common Gladiator Beast War Chariot makes Gladiator Beast Decks easier to build than ever before!

The reprint of one of an X-Saber Deck’s most important cards, XX-Saber Faultroll, makes X-Sabers easier to construct too! The availability of a Rare XX-Saber Faultroll, XX-Saber Ragigura, and Saber Slash also moves X-Saber Decks up to a viable position in the current Pegasus League Format, “A Rare Format.” Duelists must use exactly 20 Rares in their Decks in this format. Rare copies of Faultroll, Ragigura, and Saber Slash finally make this possible to do with X-Sabers.

Koa’ki Meiru Drago is also easier to get with this newest Turbo Pack. Previously only available as an Ultra Rare in Raging Battle, Koa’ki Meiru Drago can now find its way into Koa’ki Meiru and Dragon Decks more easily than ever before. It’s a great card for countering Infernity Decks, making this the opportune time for its reprint.

Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth is also now available as a Common, making Symbols Coelacanth Decks easier to build. Destiny Hero – Diamond Dude, Pollinosis, Cloak and Dagger, and Dark Eruption are also more widely available thanks to Turbo Pack: Booster Three, and each of them may find its niche in a Deck.

Besides themed cards that work well in certain Decks, there are also essential cards for all Duelists to own. Magical Android is the Level 5 generic Synchro with the highest ATK, and hasn’t been available for almost 2 years since it came out in The Duelist Genesis. Some popular cards to use against Infernities, like D.D. Crow and Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, have also been included. Nobleman of Crossout is another popular card that is often added to Side Decks and used against Decks that rely on Flip-Effect monsters.

The new foil cards in Turbo Pack: Booster Three will let Duelists build their Decks with more style than ever before. The Ultra Rare Dark Grepher will make a nice addition to Infernity Decks while making Dark Grepher easier for Duelists everywhere to obtain.

The Ultimate Rare Caius the Shadow Monarch makes it so that several of the most popular Monarchs a Duelist may want to run are finally available as an Ultimate Rare. The new Monarch lineup is sure to look sweet with Ultimate Rare copies of Mobius the Frost Monarch, Raiza the Storm Monarch, and Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch.

The Super Rare Rescue Cat, my personal favorite, will find its way into Caliber Cat, Gladiator Beast, X-Saber Decks and more, as Duelists continue using their cutest monster to end Duels in triumph.

Morphtronic Celfon has also been upgraded to Super Rare status. As the star monster in a Morphtronic Deck, Celfon was most deserving of this promotion. Jason can’t wait to replace the Common Celfons in his Morphtronic Deck with these new Super Rares.

Treacherous Trap Hole and Rekindling are also now available as Super Rares. Treacherous Trap Hole is likely to see play in some Frog Monarch Decks, while Duelists using Flamvell Cat Decks will enjoy seeing their game-winning Spell Card upgraded in rarity.

There’s something for everyone in Turbo Pack: Booster Three. Rising players can obtain cards they need for their Decks more easily than ever before, while Duelists who already have them will chase after higher rarities of their favorite cards. Even if you’re not able to enter the Pegasus League Deck Challenge today, you can get your own Turbo Packs by entering tournaments at your nearest Official Tournament Store!