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Deck Profile: Justin Chiaino’s What Deck? Watt Deck!

August 7th, 2010

A lot of new Decks hit the competitive tournament scene with the release of The Shining Darkness, but there’s one new strategy from that booster set that we haven’t seen much in competition. Until today.

What Deck?

This Deck.

Check back later for the full Deck list!

Chiaino’s Deck plays like a very tricky LIGHT Beatdown Deck. It runs a lot of LIGHT attackers backed up by Honest. He also runs 2 Shining Angels to keep his defense up, and to search out his Watt monsters: Wattgiraffe and Wattwoodpecker.

“Both monsters are really good,” explained Chiaino. “Wattwoodpecker can attack twice, so I can attack a monster with it, activate Honest’s effect, and then make a direct attack for a lot of damage.” Shining Angel’s ability to search both Wattwoodpecker and Honest helps put together this combo. As for Wattgiraffe, “The ‘giraffe stops so much stuff. It can make direct attacks, and when it hits the opponent’s Life Points they can’t activate any effects. They can’t use Gorz, and if I hit them directly I can then run over XX-Saber Emmersblade or XX-Saber Darksoul and they won’t get the effect.” Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter, Sangan, Gravekeeper’s Spy, Mystic Tomato… none of these monsters can use their effects once Wattgiraffe strikes. This can force the opponent to use up their defensive cards like Book of Moon or Dimensional Prison. By attacking with Wattgiraffe before a bigger monster, Chiaino forces his opponents to choose between using the card on Wattgiraffe, or not using it at all.

Chiaino also runs Wattcube, which gives his Watt monsters a permanent 1000 ATK bonus. “As soon as it hits play, I always send it to the Graveyard for the 1000 ATK bonus.” Wattcube turns Wattwoodpecker into a 2000 ATK double attacker, Wattgiraffe into a 2200 ATK direct attacker, and it can even bump the Thunder-Type Thunder King Rai-Oh to 2900 Attack Points! Wattcube can be used with any Thunder-Type monster, not just Watt monsters.

With very few Special Summon effects, Chiaino is free to play Royal Oppression. That gives him an edge against Special Summon-heavy Decks like X-Sabers and Infernities. He also uses a number of monster-eliminating Spells and Traps. He has plenty of monster effects that can get rid of the opponent’s monsters, but by using Spells and Traps instead, this frees up his monsters to damage his opponent’s Life Points.

Justin Chiaino has taken a familiar strategy, and used new cards to make it into a completely new Deck. We know LIGHT Beatdown Decks work, and we’ve seen them do well in tournaments before. By adding new monsters and the powerful Wattcube, Chiaino has created something new, and it’s taking his opponents off-guard. With a Round 1 win in the bag, and just 8 more Rounds in Swiss competition before the cut to Top 16, today could be a big day for Watt Duelists!

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