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Feature Match: Public Event Play-Off Finals

August 8th, 2010

These two competitors had Dueled their way into the Public Event Playoffs this weekend, getting into the Top 4 by earning the highest number of points in Public Events over the course of the weekend. And we saw both of them in Feature Match action yesterday! Brandon Miotke is back playing X-Sabers, and Jordan Grant is once again playing his Frog Monarchs with Obelisk the Tormentor. The winner of this Match would get to play for a Super Rare set of the Darklord Prize Cards in the Playoff Finals!

Grant opened the Match with a hand of Caius the Shadow Monarch, Ronintoadin, Dupe Frog, Battle Fader, Swap Frog, and Substitoad. He discarded Ronintoadin to Special Summon Swap Frog, used Swap Frog’s effect to send Treeborn Frog to the Graveyard, and Normal Summoned Substitoad. He Tributed Swap Frog to Special Summon Treeborn Frog, Tributed that for another Swap Frog, and sent his second Ronintoadin to the Graveyard. He brought out another Swap Frog, sent Substitoad to the Graveyard, and Tributed Swap Frog for a Dupe Frog in Defense Position. He removed Swap Frog from his Graveyard to Special Summon Ronintoadin, Tributed it to Special Summon a second Dupe Frog, and ended, secure behind his Dupe Frogs’ effects.

Miotke Set a monster.

Grant drew Spiritual Water Art – Aoi. He turned Substitoad to Defense Position, removed Swap Frog to Special Summon Ronintoadin in Defense Position, and Tributed Ronintoadin to Summon Caius the Shadow Monarch! Grant used Caius’ effect to remove Miotke’s Sangan from the game, then attacked for 2400 damage. He Set Water Art.

Miotke activated Mystical Space Typhoon, targeted Water Art, and Grant Chained it, Tributing Substitoad to reveal Miotke’s hand of XX-Saber Darksoul, XX-Saber Emmersblade, XX-Saber Ragigura, X-Saber Airbellum, and XX-Saber Boggart Knight. He forced Miotke to discard Darksoul, and Miotke Set a monster.

Grant drew Gorz the Emissary of Darkness. He attacked with Caius into Emmersblade, Miotke Special Summoned XX-Saber Darksoul with Emmersblade’s effect, and Grant Set his third Dupe Frog.

Miotke Normal Summoned Boggart Knight, Special Summoned Airbellum, and Tuned Airbellum to Darksoul to Synchro Summon Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier. He discarded Ragigura to bounce away the face-down Dupe Frog, then ended his turn, getting XX-Saber Faultroll from his Deck with Darksoul’s effect.

Grant drew Light and Darkness Dragon. He Special Summoned his Treeborn Frog, removed Swap Frog to Special Summon Ronintoadin, and Tributed Ronintoadin and Treeborn for Light and Darkness Dragon! The Dragon attacked through Brionac for 500 Battle Damage, Caius attacked Boggart Knight for 500 more, and play was to Miotke.

Miotke drew to 3 cards and Set a monster.

Grant drew Heavy Storm. He attacked Miotke’s Set Summoner Monk with Caius, then made a direct attack for 2800 damage with Light and Darkness Dragon.

Miotke Set another monster.

Caius attacked, but this time Miotke had X-Saber Pashuul! Pashuul could force Light and Darkness Dragon to continually negate its effect, but Miotke only had 800 Life Points left.

Miotke passed.

Grant drew Obelisk the Tormentor, and in the Standby Phase Pashuul’s effect activated five times total – four times it was negated by Light and Darkness Dragon, but it resolved the fifth time, and Miotke lost the Life Points he had left.

Jordan Grant takes the first Duel, attacking Miotke early and then letting his own X-Saber Pashuul finish him off!  Both Duelists went for their Side Decks, and the second Duel began moments later.

Jordan Grant Day 2

Miotke opened with Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo and 2 Set cards to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.

He flipped Trap Dustshoot in Grant’s turn, revealing Grant’s hand of Battle Fader, 2 Light and Darkness Dragons, Heavy Storm, Ronintoadin, and Swap Frog. Miotke sent Grant’s Battle Fader back to his Deck, then made him discard Swap Frog with Mind Crush! Grant could do nothing but Set Ronintoadin.

Miotke Summoned XX-Saber Boggart Knight, attacked with it to reveal Ronintoadin, and ended.

Grant drew Enemy Controller! He activated it, Tributed Ronintoadin, and attacked Fossil Dyna to get it off the field. He removed Swap Frog to Special Summon Ronintoadin in Defense Position, then Tributed Ronintoadin and Boggart Knight for Light and Darkness Dragon! Suddenly Grant was back in the Duel, recovering from the Dustshoot and Mind Crush combo.

Miotke passed.

Grant drew Treeborn Frog. He attacked for 2800 damage, Miotke revealed Gorz, and its Special Summon effect was negated by Light and Darkness Dragon. Grant Set Treeborn.

Miotke activated Mind Control, targeted Light and Darkness Dragon, and Chained Book of Moon to the Dragon’s effect to turn the Dragon face-down! Miotke took control of the face-down Dragon, Summoned Summoner Monk, turned it to Defense Position, and discarded Brain Control to Special Summon Rescue Cat with the Monk’s effect. He sent Cat to the Graveyard, Special Summoned XX-Saber Darksoul and X-Saber Airbellum, and Tuned the together to Syncro Summon Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier. Brionac attacked Treeborn Frog, and in Main Phase 2 Miotke discarded Gorz to send Light and Darkness Dragon back to Grant’s hand. Darksoul’s effect got him XX-Saber Fulhelmknight from his Deck.

Grant nabbed Vanity’s Fiend in his Draw Phase. He Special Summoned Treeborn Frog, Tributed it for Vanity’s Fiend, and ran over Brionac!

Miotke drew and Set a card to his back row, then Normal Summoned Fulhelmknight.

Grant drew Battle Fader, activated Heavy Storm, and destroyed Miotke’s Mirror Force! Vanity’s Fiend attacked and Fulhelmknight negated it.

Miotke Set a monster and turned Fulhelmknight to Defense Position.

Grant drew Substitoad. He attacked Fulhelmknight to destroy it with Vanity’s Fiend, then Set Substitoad.

Miotke Set a Spell or Trap Card.

Grant drew Swap Frog, attacked Miotke’s face-down Darksoul with Vanity’s Fiend, and Miotke got X-Saber Pashuul.

Miotke drew and Set a monster.

Grant drew another Vanity’s Fiend. He Normal Summoned Swap Frog, used its effect to send another Swap Frog to his Graveyard, and Flip Summoned Substitoad – he tried to use its effect, but couldn’t, due to the ability of Vanity’s Fiend! He attacked into Pashuul with the Fiend, returned Swap Frog to his hand, and ended.

Miotke couldn’t capitalize on Grant’s error – he just Set a second Spell or Trap.

Grant drew Brain Control. He turned Substitoad to Defense Position, attacked Summoner Monk to destroy it with Vanity’s Fiend, and ended.

Miotke Set another Spell or Trap.

Grant drew, and Miotke took another hit from Pashuul. He Set Swap Frog. Miotke was down to 2800 Life Points.

Miotke Set another monster.

Grant drew, and Miotke dropped to 1800 Life Points. Grant Set a monster.

Miotke Set a fourth card to his back row.

Grant drew GottomsEmergency Call, and Miotke dropped to 800 Life Points. Grant Set Emergency Call.

Miotke Set a monster.

Grant drew and when Pashuul’s effect activated, Miotke activated Divine Wrath by discarding Heavy Storm, negating Pashuul’s effect and destroying it to save his Life Points! Grant attacked Miotke’s face-down Emmersblade with Vanity’s Fiend and deprived Miotke of yet another Special Summon. He Set a Spell or Trap.

Miotke Set X-Saber Airbellum.

Grant attacked it and followed up with another Set Spell or Trap.

Miotke passed.

Grant attacked Miotke’s Sangan, letting Miotke search XX-Saber Fulhelmknight from his Deck. He discarded Ronintoadin in his End Phase.

Miotke Summoned Fulhelmknight.

Grant activated Brain Control, but Miotke negated it with Solemn Judgment. Grant attacked Fulhelmknight with Vanity’s Fiend, Miotke negated the attack, and Grant discarded another Vanity’s Fiend in his End Phase.

Miotke turned Fulhelmknight to Defense Position.

Grant attacked Fulhelmknight with Vanity’s Fiend, and Set a monster.

Miotke Set a fifth Spell or Trap.

Grant attacked with Vanity’s Fiend, this time aiming for a direct hit, but Miotke defended himself with Book of Moon. Grant Tribute Summoned Raiza the Storm Monarch (Tributing Swap Frog) in Main Phase 2, but Miotke countered with Pulling the Rug! Miotke was fighting to the last! Grant Flip Summoned 2 Dupe Frogs and ended.

Miotke Summoned X-Saber Airbellum.

Grant flipped Vanity’s Fiend, but Miotke negated the Flip Summon with Saber Hole! Grant activated GottomsEmergency Call, targeted Boggart Knight and Airbellum in Miotke’s Graveyard, and Special Summoned them both. Boggart Knight attacked and Miotke immediately offered the handshake.

Jordan Grant is headed to the Finals of the Public Event Playoffs, where he’ll have a shot at winning a set of the Darklord Prize Cards!

Brandon Miotke Day 2